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The Walking Dead recap: “Rick Faces New Difficulties After A Battle”

The Walking Dead isn’t a similar show it used to be. On the splendid side, we’ve gotten the chance to see some comic book staples (The Governor, Negan, The Wolves) beauty the screen. Then again, the issues of the present are frequently similar issues of the past: Sanctuaries are never what they have all the […]

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OMG, WATCH IT: ‘The Walking Dead’ Cast and Crew Talk ‘Fallout’ From Carl’s Bite in Behind-the-Scenes Video

The Walking Dead cast and crew are preparing for an intense second half of season 8. In an exclusive behind-the-scenes video, the cast and crew break down where everyone is at when season 8 returns, right after the group learns that a walker has bitten Carl (Chandler Riggs). “Their biggest strength is their tenacity and […]

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The Walking Dead recap: Negan Have A Huge Issue Facing The Sanctuary

When it comes to war, the “bad guys” are pretty easy to spot: They’re usually the ones on the opposite side. But it’s never really that simple, is it? Even the most sadistic, depraved minds believe there’s some justification for doing what they do — sometimes they even believe what they’re doing is right. Negan […]

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The Walking Dead Wine Allows You To Drink Rick, Daryl, and Negan

On the off chance that you’ve at any point thought Rick Grimes was maturing like a fine wine, you merit a decoration, or a gem ball, or something. Since now, Rick Grimes really is a fine wine. EW can uncover that AMC has collaborated with Lot18 for The Walking Dead Wine Collection, which highlights three […]

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The Walking Dead Is Back And Bigger (And Scarier) Than Ever: Season 8 Is A Return To Form

They found it a little difficult to get through last season, but Bingeworthy hosts Jessica Shaw and Touré agree: The Walking Dead is back and bigger (and scarier) than ever. The pair expressed excitement at the promising season 8 story line of Rick (Andrew Lincoln) leading a revolution and finally delivering an “ass-whooping” to Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan). “Last […]

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Really? No One Is Safe On The Walking Dead: Without Andrew Lincoln’s Rick Grimes ‘Absolutely’ Could Happen

On-screen characters travel every which way on The Walking Dead at a fairly disturbing rate. Characters are continually presented and executed off, prompting a spinning entryway — approve, possibly not the best case for this situation considering what happened to Tyler James Williams’ Noah — of new faces assuming control. What’s more, there are a […]

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First-Look Trailer Has Been Shared For The Forthcoming Season Eight Of The Walking Dead

A five-minute first-look trailer has been shared for the expected season eight of The Walking Dead, only a day after the season’s UK debut date of October 23 was uncovered. It demonstrates the different distinctive groups of the show’s seventh season meeting up to confront Negan’s Saviors. The last piece of the clasp demonstrates a […]

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Jeffrey Dean Morgan Revives John Winchester in Romania

Before he was Negan in The Walking Dead, Jeffrey Dean Morgan appeared in other shows that marked his career. He was a series regular in Grey’s Anatomy and also starred in Supernatural, in only 12 episodes, but the fandom will not forget. His role as John Winchester was important for the Supernatural Family fandom and lately it shows that the actor did not forget and takes the time to remember John with each occasion.

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Best of 2016: The 20 Most Shocking TV Moments of 2016!

We all tune into our favorite shows every week because we are drawn into the characters and feel like they are part of our lives. The television writers put together a script every week that makes us want to watch and sometimes, they shock the hell out of us with their plot twists and turns! From Jon Snow being alive on Game of Thrones to Negan wreaking havoc on The Walking Dead, there are the 20 most shocking TV moments of 2016!

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The Walking Dead Star Steven Yeun Got Married Over The Weekend

While it has not been a great year for Steven Yeun on The Walking Dead, as we all saw beloved Glenn Rhee was killed off the show. However, things in his personal life were riding high over the weekend, as Steven Yeun got married to longtime girlfriend Joana Pak! Check out the wedding details below!

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