RHOBH 2014 Recap: Episode 5- Star Sighting (VIDEO)

RHOBH 2014 episode 5 recap

Last week’s RHOBH 2014 was most drama free, as far as the housewife friendships go that is.  Family drama is another story!  Catch tonight’s RHOBH 2014 recap to find out what happens with Yolanda Foster’s daughter. Last week on RHOBH 2014, Kyle Richards’ family enjoyed a relaxing vacation on a yacht in Spain.  Yolanda and […]

RHOBH 2014 Recap: Episode 4- Livin’ la Vida Housewife (VIDEO)

RHOBH 2014 episode 4 recap

For the first time since their fall out, Brandi Glanvilla called Lisa Vanderpump on last week’s RHOBH 2014.  Brandi called to invite Lisa to her housewarming party, but both were looking for apologies.  Find out if Lisa shows up during tonight’s RHOBH 2014 recap! Also on last week’s RHOBH 2014, the first party at PUMP […]

RHOBH 2014 Recap: Episode 3- Pay Attention to Me! (VIDEO)

RHOBH 2014 episode 3 recap

Past tiffs are catching up with the RHOBH 2014.  So far, RHOBH Season 5 has been a season of forgiving, but will the forgiveness continue in tonight’s RHOBH 2014 recap? Last week on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills 2014, Brandi Glanville and Adrienne Maloof met up, talked through a few issues, and agreed to move […]

RHOBH 2014 Recap: Episode 2- Who Stalked J.R.? (VIDEO)

RHOBH 2014 episode 2 recap

The RHOBH 2014 kicked off last week’s season 5 premiere with Kyle Richards’ annual white party.   With battle lines already drawn in the sand, will the tension ease on tonight’s RHOBH recap? Brandi Glanville felt like an outsider on last week’s Real Housewives of Beverly Hills 2014 season 5 premiere.  She broke ties with Lisa […]

RHOBH 2014 Season 5 Recap: Season Premiere- White Party (VIDEO)

RHOBH 2014 Premiere

The RHOBH 2014 are back!  With friendships on the rocks after RHOBH Season 4, who will continue to be friends and who will leave friendships in the dust?   Find out during tonight’s RHOBH Season Premiere Recap! Lisa Vanderpump left RHOBH Season 4 on bad terms with the majority of the housewives.  The once very close […]

RHOBH Season 4: Reunion Part 3 Recap- The Husbands Join In (Video)


Tonight marks the end of RHOBH Season 4.  The three part reunion wraps things up with the housewife husbands joining the conversation.  Catch tonight’s RHOBH Season 4 Reunion Part 3 recap! On last week’s RHOBH Season 4 Reunion Part 2, Carlton Gebbia and Kyle Richards discussed their heated season.  Carlton and Kyle still do not […]

RHOBH Season 4: Reunion Part 2 Recap- Tough Year for the Housewives (Video)


Last week’s RHOBH Season 4 Reunion Part 1 was a tense one!  After a season where most of the housewives took issue with Lisa Vanderpump, their issues took center stage last week.  The best part?  They only broke the surface!  Find out what else comes up on tonight’s RHOBH Season 4 Reunion Part 2 recap. […]

RHOBH Season 4: Reunion Part 1 Recap- Dream Team Faceoff (Video)


RHOBH Season 4 came to an end last week.  Now that the women have seen Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 4 on TV, find out what they have to say about the season on tonight’s RHOBH Season 4 Reunion Part 1. Last week on the RHOBH Season 4 Finale, the housewives came face to […]

RHOBH Season 4: Season Finale Recap- Are You My Friend? (Video)


RHOBH Season 4 is coming to an end.  With most of the housewives on the rocks with Lisa Vanderpump, who will seeing her for the first time since Puerto Rico go?  Find out right here in tonight’s RHOBH Season 4 Finale spoilers! Last week on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 4, Lisa and […]

RHOBH Season 4: Episode 18 Recap- The Kids Are All Right (Video)


RHOBH Season 4 is almost over.  Will these women end on good terms or will the season end with Lisa Vanderpump on the outs with most of the women?  Find out what happens between the RHOBH women and Lisa on tonight’s RHOBH Season 4 recap. Last week on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 4, […]

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