Lady Gaga Throws Up On Stage In Latest Celebrity Puking Trend (VIDEO)

Lady Gaga throwing up video

What is up with the celebrities puking in public lately? First Rihanna ralphs in a Las Vegas club, then Justin Bieber vomits during a concert, and now we have a Lady Gaga throws up video too. Is there some sort of super special celebrity stomach flu going around?

Lady Gaga Heading to American Idol in May?

Lady Gaga (Photo: Nelly - Source: Wikimedia Commons)

American Idol producers aren’t talking, but Lady Gaga may have spilled the news early that she’ll be appearing on the show next month. Reps for American Idol have so far refused to confirm Lady Gaga will be performing (and maybe mentoring?) on the series, but it looks like a pretty sure bet.

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