Scandal 4×3 Review, “Inside the Bubble” Illusions & Delusions


Compared to the previous episode, Scandal, “Inside the Bubble” is almost low key. It’s another one of those setup episodes, like the “get set” call before the gun fires and the runners take off down the track. Not that there’s a mellow vibe or anything going on. Right before the race starts is the most tension-filled times of a race. “Inside the Bubble” is filled with a similar tension. In this Scandal 4×3 review I’ll be looking at why everyone’s so on edge.

Scandal 4 x 2, “The State of the Union” Recap & Review: It’s Complicated


For those who don’t have Facebook, there is a space on your profile where you can list your relationship status. It lists three choices: “married,” “single,” and “It’s complicated.” Relationships, of any kind, are complicated. In this review of “The State of the Union” I’ll be looking at how Scandal rips off another layer of fairy-tale ideas. In the state of human affairs, love isn’t always simple, because life, by nature, isn’t simple either.

Scandal Season 4 Premiere Review: The Stage is Set…. Plus Spoilers for 4×2!


When ABC announced that Scandal would be moving to 9pm, I was concerned. Would the new time mean Scandal would have to be less…scandalous? The answer is: absolutely not! Right off the top the Scandal season four premiere made it clear that things that for Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington) are going to be hotter – and more complicated – than ever!

Scandal Season Three – Finale Recap & Review: One Ride Ends, and Another Begins!


Is anyone surprised at how crazy the Scandal season three finale was? The logo for ShondaLand Production is a roller coaster. Now, don’t hate me, but I truly enjoyed this episode! While last season’s Scandal finale left me upset and worried, the ending to season three struck me as interesting, extra creative, and at times wickedly funny! In this review, I won’t gloss over the horrific things that occur, but there are also some moments that made me laugh!

The Cliff-Notes for Scandal Season Three – Catch Up for the Finale!


Scandal season three has flown by, and it all ends tonight! (Until season four.) In case you missed an episode or two somewhere in the mix, or you’ve got some friends you’re trying to bring on board for the Scandal season three finale, I’ve come up with a synopsis of the things you need to know in order to make sense of the havoc show creator Shonda Rhimes is going to be creating in the gladiator world tonight!

A Scandal Analysis for 3×12-3×14: It’s Another Perfect Storm by Shonda Rhimes


The season 3 finale of Scandal is just days away, so lets take a serious look at what the pieces have been so far. I’m starting with episodes 3×12-3×14. If for some reason you haven’t seen Scandal up through, “Kiss, Kiss, Bang, Bang” and would prefer not to be spoiled, stop reading now!

Scandal Episode 3×11 “Ride Sally Ride” Recap: You Can’t Always Get What You Want….


Must tweet TV is back! For those of you who don’t have twitter you didn’t miss anything. The Scandal hashtag feed was so fast it was a literal blur and impossible to read – I gave up trying. Did the episode live up to it reputation as operatic television? Yes, although it feels more like an opening act than midway through. Maybe that’s just the effect of the hiatus…. Anyway, this roller-coaster ride has a super steep upward climb, sudden drops and some crazy turns. Let’s recap, because God help us I think we’re building towards some major loops!

Catching Up With Scandal? Check out Episode 3×10 – A Mid-Season Recap


The Gladiators are all caught up, for the second half of Scandal season 3, but if you want to jump into this glorious madness, here’s a recap of Scandal episode 3×10, “A Door Marked Exit” and a rundown of what’s been going on!

Scandal’s Winter Finale -What Do You Need to Know? YOLO Vermont!

Scandal logo at X500_

The last few episodes of Scandal – especially “Vermont is For Lovers, Too” & “YOLO” have turned the fictional Washington D.C. world upside down! If you haven’t been keeping up – or even if you have and your mind is still spinning – this will help bring you up to speed. You’ll likely need the refresher afterwards too – it’s gonna be that crazy!

Scandal Episode 3×7, “Everything’s Coming Up Mellie” – Review: Forged in Fire

Scandal 3x7 lead photo

Are you breathing? This episode of Scandal, “Everything’s Coming Up Mellie” was one rough tumble-down the rabbit hole in Shondaland. Honestly, I’m still a bit nauseous. When you’re on the line for a roller-coaster, looking at those big loops and twists on the big ride you think, “this is gonna been fun!” Then after you’ve done it and get off … you throw up. It’s not that you didn’t see what was coming, but you honestly thought you could handle it. Maybe you could have…if the darn thing didn’t also go backwards! Also, that one twist was a lot worse than it looked from ground!