American Gods 1×06 Review: America’s Ugly Bloody Gun Worship

In American Gods 1×06, Shadow (Ricky Whittle) and Mr. Wednesday (Ian McShane) went in search of another potential ally in Wednesday’s war with the New Gods: Vulcan. Their trip to Vulcan, Virginia, named for and ruled by Vulcan himself, highlighted a very ugly fact. For some parts of America, there’s a disturbing obsession worship of, and obsession […]

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American Gods 1×05 Review: Images Created By Media

In American Gods 1×05, Shadow Moon’s much-needed talk with his not-dead wife, Laura, is cut short when he and Mr. Wednesday have to face the consequences of their bank robbery. Or so they think. Wednesday and Shadow’s run-in with the law turns out to have been orchestrated by none other than Mr. World, Crispin Glover’s fantastically […]

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American Gods 1×05 Spoilers: Mixed Up In Some Really Weird Sh…

Ready for some American Gods 1×05 spoilers? As always, we promise to give you just enough to make you desperate for the next episode — but without giving away the whole story. Sorry, folks. If you want to be so spoiled that there are no surprises left, you’ll have to go elsewhere. We wouldn’t want to anger Media, […]

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American Gods 1×04 Review: Definitely Not Light As A Feather

In our not-so-spoilery spoiler post for American Gods 1×04, we promised “Git Gone” would deliver a surprisingly respectful background for the character of Laura Moon. And we’re not in the habit of breaking our promises. The creative team at American Gods could have taken the easy way out. Laura could have simply been nothing more than the whore who […]

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American Gods 1×02 Spoilers: Gillian Anderson, Orlando Jones & More Debut

Ready for some American Gods 1×02 spoilers? I can’t reveal much here — you’ll have to watch the best new series of 2017 for the real goods. But I’ll do my best to hold you over until the new episode airs on Starz this Sunday. No bloody sacrifices needed. It’s time to meet Media. When Gillian Anderson’s official account […]

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American Gods 1×01 Review: It’s Time To Believe In Something

It’s time to believe in something; and that something is the cast and crew of American Gods. In American Gods 1×01, we meet Shadow Moon (Ricky Whittle), who feels a sense of foreboding in his final days before being released from prison. And with good reason. Overnight, everything about the life he thought he’d be headed back […]

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Riley Keough Avoids Playing the “Hot Dumb Girl”

Riley Keough plays the lead role in Starz’ The Girlfriend Experience, which focuses on a law student who turns to an escort website. But the actress doesn’t like the way roles are written for women nowadays, and she talks to THR about the “shitty” roles and how she refuses to play the “hot dumb girl.”

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Outlander Renewed for Two More Seasons

Good news for the Outlander fans of the historical romance TV series because the epic romance between Jamie (Sam Heughan) and Claire (Caitriona Balfe) will go on for at least two more season on Starz and continue to explore the time-travel romance that has brought impressive ratings to the network.

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