MAKING SERIES: Obama & Netflix in Talks for Producing Deal (Report)

The former president, as well as former first lady Michelle Obama, would be making series for the global streamer. Barack Obama’s recent sit-down with David Letterman may not be his only cameo on Netflix. The former president is said to be in advanced talks with the streaming outfit to produce original series in what would […]

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19 Great Christmas Sitcom Episodes to Stream Right Now

It’s no secret that holiday episodes can be pretty terrible. As BoJack Horseman put it in the BoJack Horseman Christmas Special, “Holiday episodes are always stupid, cynical cash grabs by greedy corporations looking to squeeze a few extra Nielsen points out of sentimental claptrap for mush-brained idiots who’d rather spend their Christmas watching a fake family […]

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(VIDEO) What’s New on Netflix In December: Drama, Love, Excitement And Adrenaline

At the beginning of (and during) each month, Netflix adds new movies and TV shows to its library. Below, you’ll find our December 2017 recommendations along with a full list of new titles. For more comprehensive coverage of the best movies and TV shows available on Netflix and elsewhere, check out Vulture’s What to Stream Now hub, which is updated […]

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A Full List Of Netflix’s August Movie And TV Additions Follows

Take a look at the movies and TV shows that will be available on the streaming service next month. Marvel’s The Defenders is coming to Netflix next month. Fellow Netflix original Wet Hot American Summer: Ten Years Later is also premiering in August. Also available on the streaming service will be films like The Matrix, Practical Magic, Sing and […]

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13 Reasons Why On Netflix: Boys Are Assholes & Girls Are What Now?

13 Reasons Why premiered on Netflix on March 31. Like many of my fellow television lovers, I spent my weekend watching in abject horror as Clay Jensen worked his way through Hannah Baker’s tapes, imagining in vivid detail every terrible thing that led her to the decision to take her own life. If you’ve heard […]

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Here’s A List of New Shows and Movies Coming To Netflix in March

Once the spring comes, there are a lot of new things happening. There’s the sun again, and you won’t want to stay just as much inside. But there is always Netflix, and you can take it away with you to enjoy the newfound warmth. In this sense, the streaming website has just revealed the movies and shows that will premiere in March.

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What Shows and Movies Are Leaving Netflix in March?

We love it when new shows are available on Netflix. But the saddest thing is that intellectual property rights don’t allow certain content to be available forever. And this is why some shows are leaving Netflix in the upcoming month. We have a list of which movies and series you should see before March arrives!

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Michael C. Hall Joins Netflix’s The Crown for Season 2

Netflix has some of the best shows contemporary. The hype around Stranger Things has intensified over the Super Bowl’s new season add. The Crown has won big at the Golden Globes for Best Television Series – Drama and for Best Performance by an Actress. And while the show was renewed already for more seasons, they have […]

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Stranger Things Season 2 Teaser Debuts During Super Bowl 51 (VIDEO)

Super Bowl 2017 brought us so many commercials and trailers last night, which included a new teaser video for Stranger Things Season 2 on Netflix! The boys are back, as well as Eggos being back too. The Stranger Things 2017 promo video is definitely very intense, but it also gave us details on the Stranger Things Season 2 premiere date, so get that in our spoilers below!

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Drew Barrymore Swiped Left for Brad Pitt

Drew Barrymore is single and she doesn’t want to date just yet. She shared that she’s moving on from her divorce from Will Kopelman, but as she went to promote her new show Santa Clarita Diet on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, she got a little more help from Ellen on a Tinder-like app… And she didn’t swipe right for Brad Pitt!

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