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Doctor Who 10×08 Review: Knowledge Defeats Dictators

Doctor Who 10×08 was the conclusion to the strange arc introduced in the series’ sixth, then continued in its seventh, episode of the season. While still sprinkled with plot holes and sloppily-written moments of “wtf” that smacked of a determination to get from point A to point B with the least amount of effort, Doctor Who 10×08 was […]

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Doctor Who 10×07 Review: I Don’t Consent To This Nonsense

Doctor Who 10×07 continued the narrative started in the previous episode. Now that the Doctor knew about the alien monk things trying to take over the world, the next logical step was for them to attempt just that. But somewhere, mixed up in the whole domination plot, the world was actually nearing its end. Cue the […]

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Doctor Who 10×06 Review: Luckily Most of This Never Happened

Doctor Who 10×06 is a very Moffat episode. So, if you’re into far-too ambitious stories that have more twists and turns than substance, you probably loved it. Otherwise, you might’ve spent the majority of Doctor Who 10×06 tweeting things like this. Or maybe you went with something a little shorter, like this. Either way, we’re here to […]

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Doctor Who 10×05 Review: Methinks The Doctor Would Hate The AHCA

In Doctor Who 10×05 “Oxygen,” the Doctor (Peter Capaldi) and Bill (Pearl Mackie)’s latest adventure had them following a distress call in space. There, they were met with only a handful of survivors — and a lot of space zombies. More importantly, though, they saw one of the most awful consequences of an overly-capitalistic society: The […]

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Doctor Who 10×04 Review: Worst Home Ever? Or Worst Home Ever.

In Doctor Who 10×04, Bill Potts (Pearl Mackie) lived every broke college student’s worst nightmare — and then some. She and her (very large group of) roommates couldn’t seem to find a place that was both affordable and inhabitable. But then a mysterious man just magically appeared to offer them the perfect place. If the whole […]

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Doctor Who 10×03 “Thin Ice” Review: The Doctor Doesn’t Have Time For Outrage — Or Racism

In Doctor Who 10×03, the Doctor and Bill traveled back to 1814. Picking up right where the previous episode left off, the Time Lord and his companion exited the TARDIS to find a world so different than their own that Bill thought it might be a parallel reality. It wasn’t. It was the last big freeze of 1814, just before the […]

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It’s Time For A Change: The 13th Doctor Should Be A Woman. Here Are Some Options.

It’s time to pick the 13th Doctor. Peter Capaldi’s time on Doctor Who is quickly coming to a close, which means the hunt for his replacement is on. With rumors of Kris Marshall and Tom Rosenthal as serious candidates, it looked like there were no plans to make any big changes at Doctor Who. How annoyingly […]

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Doctor Who 10×02 Recap: Emojibots on Bloke Utopia

In Doctor Who 10×02, the Doctor and Bill took a trip to the future, where they found a dazzlingly beautiful city that had everything. Everything, that is, except for the human civilization for which it was obviously intended. Even though the planet held a certain charm, what with its adorable Emojibots and all, something was just […]

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Doctor Who 10×01 Recap: We’re Already In Love With Bill Potts

After over a year without The Doctor — save for the 2016 Christmas special — Doctor Who 10×01 finally aired. Series 10 marks the last for both Peter Capaldi and Steven Moffat, but it’s the first for Pearl Mackie’s Bill Potts. And let it be known: We’re already in love. So, despite the massive pressure of setting […]

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Oscar Nominated Actor John Hurt Dies at 77

It seems like this year will resume the task 2016 has set: to take away more of our favorites. Now John Hurt, who played Ollivander in the Harry Potter series and also gave his voice to the dragon in Merlin, has sadly passed away because of cancer at 77.

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