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13-Year-Old Dance Moms Star Is Being Sued

According to TMZ, Dance Moms star Mackenzie Ziegler and her mother Melissa Gisoni may have to go to court over a breach of contract. Kismet Music is going after 13-year-old Ziegler over a deal made in 2014. Kismet claims that Ziegler breached her deal with them when she worked with a producer “on the side.” […]

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Save Your Tears For Your Prison Cell Pillow, Abby Lee Miller

Well, it’s official: Abby Lee Miller is headed to prison for fraud. Not only will Abby have to spend a whole year, plus an extra day (because why not?) in prison; but when she gets out, she’ll be stuck with two years of supervision. To be honest, that’s getting off easy for trying to hide […]

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Cheryl Burke Is Replacing Abby Lee Miller On Dance Moms & I Am So Confused

I knew it wasn’t actually over: Dance Moms is truly the unwanted gift that keeps on giving. Not long after Abby Lee Miller announced that she was quitting the show — which we’d been led to believe was over anyway, mind you — sites all over the internet started reporting on her replacement. Logically, one might assume […]

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Dance Moms Spoilers: Abby Lee Miller Quits Dance Moms?

We all knew something was up over at Dance Moms since Season 6 was immediately followed up by Season 7 and many speculated it was the series finale. I mean, Abby Lee Miller is going through some major legal issues and faces jail time, so she can’t really be doing a Dance Moms Season 8 from her jail cell, right? Now it looks like the latest twist in the drama is that Abby Lee Miller quit Dance Moms???

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Dance Moms Finale Recap: Is This Really The End?

All good things must come to an end, but the Dance Moms finale came and went with no real closure. Luckily, this series was never about “good things.” When Abby Lee Miller created her unstoppable team years ago, nobody could have expected Dance Moms to last this long. While we’re at it, nobody could’ve expected the series to […]

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Dance Moms Finale Spoilers: Christi & Chloe Lukasiak Are Back!

We’re less than 24 hours away from the (likely) end of Dance Moms, so let’s get some Dance Moms finale spoilers out of the way. Last week, Abby Lee Miller and her team returned to Pittsburgh, where they were met with a deplorable old rival. This week, the ALDC will be hit with an even bigger blast from […]

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Dance Moms 7×12 Recap: That Was Certainly Deplorable

Whenever Dance Moms brings back Cathy Nesbitt-Stein and the Candy Apples, a certain level of trashy is expected; but Dance Moms 7×12 was in a league of its own. So, how do you build a truly vomit-inducing episode of Dance Moms? It’s easy! Take two parts of the regular ALDC vs. CADC drama, and mix in a little […]

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Dance Moms 7×12 Spoilers: Toto We’re Not In Los Angeles Anymore

Ready for some Dance Moms 7×12 spoilers? Well, settle in with your Original Pittsburgh-Style Haterade because this one’s a doozy. Last week’s episode featured the ALDC’s last show in Los Angeles, which means Abby Lee Miller and the gang are doing their thing back east this week. I’m guessing Abby clicked her heels three times and said, […]

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Dance Moms Season 7 Episode 11 Recap: Stop Trying To Make Ballet Happen

In the latest Dance Moms season 7 debacle, the ALDC’s teens skipped a day of rehearsals to film Kendall K. Vertes’ latest music video. Somehow, though, it was Abby Lee Miller’s fault that they didn’t get a lot of time with her. (Typical dance moms logic.) Meanwhile, in actual dance news, the group went to its final […]

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Dance Moms 7×11 Spoilers: They’re Doing What Now

Ready for some Dance Moms 7×11 spoilers? Step right up! After last week’s episode was basically the same old [insert expletive here], with a twist of “WTF, American dream,” it looks like Dance Moms is back to making Dance Mom Holly Frazier cringe as much as ever. (Same, Holly. Same.) Not only are we digging up the same […]

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