Amy Poehler and David Letterman Kiss: Late Night Host Steals Kiss From Amy Poehler (VIDEO)

Amy Poehler and David Letterman kiss on Late Show with David Letterman as Amy was there to promote her show Parks & Recreation, but Letterman had other things on his mind. The Amy Poehler-David Letterman kiss was hilarious to watch and they are both funny people and took an opportunity for some laughs. You can watch the Amy Poehler and David Letterman kiss below and see what you think of the moment.

Amy is a newly single woman, so she is working the circuit to see who is out there for her now since the Will Arnett divorce. David Letterman is a married man, but it was an innocent kiss that was done up for laughs from viewers. Letterman was about to introduce a clip of Parks & Recreation and moved over in his chair and Poehler thought he was coming in for a kiss. Well, since she thought it and said it, he actually went in for that kiss!

Some people have expressed that the kiss was awkward and others are jealous of Letterman getting to kiss Poehler. Either way, there was nothing meant by the kiss and it was all in good fun and jokes were made afterwards, which you can see in the video below. If you think that was an awkward moment, you should expect many others as Amy Poehler and Tina Fey team up to host the 2013 Golden Globes! I am so excited for that and it should be an amazing show with even funnier moments than this kiss.

Here is the Amy Poehler and David Letterman kiss on Late Show with David Letterman:

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