Lady Gaga Throws Up On Stage In Latest Celebrity Puking Trend (VIDEO)

What is up with the celebrities puking in public lately? First Rihanna ralphs in a Las Vegas club, then Justin Bieber vomits during a concert, and now we have a Lady Gaga throws up video too. Is there some sort of super special celebrity stomach flu going around?

According to Lady Gaga, throwing up on stage is actually nothing to be concerned about. Earlier this summer, Lady Gaga puked during another concert in Romania. That time, she managed to actually run off the stage to throw up. She told the audience after she came back on stage that this was ‘just something that happens to me sometimes’. This last time, Lady Gaga didn’t manage to get off stage before losing it. Lady Gaga vomited all over the stage with her back turned to the audience while one of her hot boy dances tried to figure out if he should hold her hair, or just keep going.

Naturally, the repeated ralphing to the soundtrack of “Edge of Glory” was captured on video by fans. Warning, the Lady Gaga throwing up video is entirely gross and looks like something out of The Exorcist in places. This is projectile vomiting in mass volume and it is kind of actually amazing how Lady Gaga just shakes it off and barely misses a step.

Even Lady Gaga couldn’t help but have a laugh over the incident, sending out a Tweet to her little monsters on the official Lady Gaga Twitter page about the puking session: “Was praying nobody saw but actually its quite a good laugh if u need one! Check out Lady PukeGA doing Swan “Vomit” Lake.” She also reTweeted a fan who posted: “@Ladygaga was doing the monsterball puke introlude in real life.”

Some watchers of the Lady Gaga puking video could not help but note that she doesn’t miss a single note during the multiple vomit spills. This has led to accusations of Lady Gaga lipsynching to her music, which she has said in the past she finds abhorrent. Still, pretty much everyone lip synchs a bit live in concert during the heavy dance portions, including puking Justin Bieber. He didn’t miss a single note either during his stage vomiting.

Give the girl a break, anyone that can keep rocking on after that kind of hurling on stage can be forgiven a little lipsynching now and then.

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