The Amazing Race 21 Premiere Recap: The $2 Million Twist!

The Amazing Race 21 premieres tonight on CBS and there will be a major twist in store for contestants this year. The Amazing Race 2012 cast for season 21 will have the chance to win not just $1 million, but a huge $2 million prize! Join us right here for our The Amazing Race 2012 premiere recap and find out the scoop on how one team could double their prize money this season.

On The Amazing Race 21 premiere this evening, host Phil Keoghan has promised the ending of the first leg of the race will be very “dramatic.” I can imagine it is going to be a bit crazy since the first leg of The Amazing Race 2012 season 21 has very special significance this year.


This post contains The Amazing Race 21 spoilers for the premiere episode. Please stop reading here if you do not want to know what happens!


Whichever of The Amazing Race 21 teams wins the first leg during this episode will have the exclusive chance to double their money and win a total of $2 million! Only the team that wins the first leg will be able to win double the normal prize money. So there is bound to be some serious competition for that 1st place finish tonight.

The Amazing Race 2012 teams for season 212 include a pair of Chippendales dancers, Josh Kilmer-Purcell and Brent Ridge of The Fabulous Beekman Boys, Megadeth bassist James Lomenzo, and a double amputee snowboarder Amy Purdy. Who will emerge tonight as the winner of the first leg and have double the motivation to make it to the finish? Let’s find out as our The Amazing Race 21 premiere recap kicks here at 8PM ET!

Starting off our live recap of The Amazing Race 21 tonight, let’s take a look at the teams for this season.

The Amazing Race 21 Cast Teams:

Nadiya & Natalie – Twin Sisters
Josh & Brent – Goat Farmers/Life Partners, stars of
Rob & Kelley – Married Monster Truckers
Trey & Lexi – Dating
James & Mark – Rock and Roll Friends (James is a former bassist for Megadeth and White Lion)
Abbie & Ryan – Dating Divorcees
Jaymes & James – Chippendales Dancers/Best Friends
Rob & Sheila – Engaged Lumberjacks
Caitlin & Brittany – Best Friends
Gary & Will – Best Friends/Substitute Teachers
Amy & Daniel – Dating On and Off (Amy is a double amputee)

After all the teams are introduced, they are put to work at their first challenge. Each of the teams has to bungee jump off a high bridge without crapping their pants. Okay, I added that last part, but they do have to throw themselves off a bridge and that would probably make me lose my sh*t. Once the teams hit bottom (gently I hope), they will be given instructions on how to reach their next destination of Shanghai, China.

All of the teams are desperate to win this first leg of the race for the chance of taking home that $1 million extra prize if they end up as the final season winner. Only the team who makes it to the finish line in 1st place for this leg will have that opportunity.

None of the teams want to miss out on being one of the seven teams to catch that first flight, which departs more than an hour before the second available flight.

The seven couples who are thankful to book a ticket to China first are: James and Jaymes, James and Mike Abba, Abbie and Ryan, Nat and Nadia, Rob and Kelly, Caitlin and Britney, Amy and Daniel. Amazingly, Josh and Brent actually let one of the other teams cut in front of them, which meant they ended up on the second flight instead of the first. The last three couples, who end up on the second, slower flight, are: Rob and Sheila, Trey and Lexi and Gary and Will.

Jaymes and James, the Chippendale dancers, take an early lead but are confounded when they reach a roadblock and have to take on a ten-year-old table tennis champion. While they are held up, several other teams catch up to them. Finally, Abbie and Ryan manage to win their way through and hurry off to the next step.

Rob and Kelley are in bad shape because they got totally lost and they really have to make up time or they are going to be in trouble. Natalie and Nadiya are losing it in a different way as the other teams are all beating the table tennis champ and leaving them behind.

Now I know I could never be on this show as they go from ‘fear of heights’ in the first part to ‘fear of eating gross things’ for the next challenge. James and Abba make it first to the task and have to eat a bowl full of frog fallopian tubes using chopsticks. That is just disgusting.

The teams face the yuck factor with varying degrees of success. Chippendale dancer Jaymes says you just have to do what you have to do if you want $2 million. Poor Rob does his best to live up to that statement by gobbling his guts, but then he pukes them all over himself. Nadiya barely manages to choke the stuff down, but her sister is cheering her on so she finally gets through it. God this is gross.

The teams next have to go to The Bund and locate a woman using an abacus. Amy and Daniel are the first team  to find the woman and race off to the final destination of this leg, the Bund Observatory. The last time to arrive will find themselves elimated before the journey has even really begun.

Ryan and Abbie are right behind Amy and Daniel and manage to squeeze right by them and run to the finish line at the Bund Signal Tower. They come in first and are now the only team eligible for that $2 million prize! Amy and Daniel come in second, followed by Caitlin and Brittany in third. They are followed by Natalie and Nadiya, Rob and Kelley, and James and Abba.

The next teams to come racing in are Gary and Will, and Trey and Lexi. The final two teams battling it with only seconds between them are Jaymes and James, and Sheila and Rob. Only 15 seconds separate them as The Chippendale dancers leap to the finish line first.

That means the first team going home on The Amazing Race 21 will be engaged lumberjacks Sheila and Rob. I’m not too disappointed personally as they really didn’t stand out to me and I just wasn’t that interested in them.

Who was your favorite team from The Amazing Race 21 premiere? Let us know in the comments section below!

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  1. I can’t believe you didn’t mention how Daniel told Ryan and Abbie where the woman with the abacus was, and essentially gave them the win. I was really surprised to see how much the teams were helping each other even in this high stakes first leg. The winner of the first leg has won 6 times before. I thought that the $2 million dollar prize was a bit of a gimmick, but there is a better chance than I though of the winner of the first leg taking the grand prize too. I can’t decide who to root for, but the twins could turn out to be my favorite team if they get fed up with each other.

    • There’s a lot to get through, but I apologize for neglecting to mention that part! And yes, they were much too helpful. They’ll start to get meaner as they go along…

      • Anita Horan says:

        I have freaking twins gets strip of the games because they literally stole the money from the rockers…and if they don’t get punish I will not watch this show again.

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