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  • Chris

    I can’t believe you didn’t mention how Daniel told Ryan and Abbie where the woman with the abacus was, and essentially gave them the win. I was really surprised to see how much the teams were helping each other even in this high stakes first leg. The winner of the first leg has won 6 times before. I thought that the $2 million dollar prize was a bit of a gimmick, but there is a better chance than I though of the winner of the first leg taking the grand prize too. I can’t decide who to root for, but the twins could turn out to be my favorite team if they get fed up with each other.

    • There’s a lot to get through, but I apologize for neglecting to mention that part! And yes, they were much too helpful. They’ll start to get meaner as they go along…

      • Anita Horan

        I have freaking twins gets strip of the games because they literally stole the money from the rockers…and if they don’t get punish I will not watch this show again.

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