The Voice Season 3 Episode 6 Preview (VIDEO)

The Voice season 3 auditions continue tonight as a new batch of hopeful people audition. As The Voice season 3 approaches its third week of blind auditions it may seem like there could not possibly be more talent left. Of course, there is still lots of surprise voices to come. And some jaw dropping performances. As The Voice season 3 continues its journey to find some of the best undiscovered talent in America, we sit back and enjoy The Voice season 3 judge’s antics and amazing performances.

Earlier today on The Voice’s youtube page NBC released an official preview video. In that video it shows what to expect for the upcoming week of The Voice season 3. The video shows The Voice season 3 getting a little bit sexier as judges Adam Levine and Christina Aguilera comment on a male contestant’s good looks.  Then The Voice season 3 judge Blake Shelton comments on another contestants good looks. And Shelton even tells fellow judge Cee Lo Green he’s good looking.  The Voice season 3 auditions are apparently heating up, or the judges’ hormones are out of control.

The video also shows more playful fighting between Blake Shelton and Adam Levine. A contestant apologizes for starting a fight between the two men. But Levine says they’re not fighting, but that’s how friends talk to one another. The bromance between Levine an Shelton just keeps getting better.

Finally, The Voice season 3 preview video shows a contestant getting sassy with the judges. Blake Shelton comments on fearing he’s in trouble and telling her to punch him in the face. When she leaves Cee Lo Green says that the judges now know what he has dealt with all his life.

So it looks like another fun night on The Voice season 3. And more great blind auditions on The Voice season 3. Are you looking forward to this week of The Voice season 3?

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  1. I find it very frustrating to watch Christina put her hand over her button and not push it. It just seems she wants the “attention”. I don’t see any other judges do that. Christina grow up and don’t “hover” your hand over the button and get the family hopes up if you aren’t going to push the button. Just sayin

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