America’s Got Talent 2012 Live Recap: 12 Semifinalists Perform

Tonight on America’s Got Talent 2012, we get to finally see some of the acts that made it through the audition rounds perform to stay in the game. Twelve of the semifinalists will hit the America’s Got Talent 2012 stage and fight to keep their place.



This post contains America’s Got Talent 2012 spoilers from Tuesday night’s show. Please do not keep reading if you do not want to know what happened!

We’re finally done with the main rounds of auditions on America’s Got Talent 2012, and it’s time for the semifinalists to show what else they can do. I’m excited for the show tonight, as some of my favorite acts will be returning. Tom Cotter is my favorite comic so far on America’s Got Talent 2012, and I’m hoping for some good laughs from him tonight. William Close will be performing tonight as well, on his gigantic room-filling harp. I was insanely impressed with that guy’s last performance. Amazeballs. I don’t even know how he will top it.

Those are only two of twelve, but definitely the top two for me. Let’s hope for some great entertainment tonight. And a little less of judge Howard Stern’s egotistical drivel. Though that may be hoping for a bit much…

I’ll be recapping live as the show airs, so stay tuned for coverage and commentary!

They’re starting out strong tonight with Andrew De Leon, the surprisingly good opera singer with a super goth look. Dude. This guy is fantastic. He did a superb job. I don’t have a single complaint. The audience went nuts and gave him a standing ovation. Judge Howie Mandel said that he did very well, but expressed concern about his lack of formal training. Howard Stern said much the same, and insinuated that he made it so far because of his back story. Sharon Osbourne basically told him that he needed to lose the goth look to be taken seriously, and said that when she went back and listened to him that he sounded “off.”

I don’t know why they’re being so hard on him. Maybe it’s because I don’t do the whole opera thing. I think he sounds magnificent, and I love that his look and his sound are so very different.

Oh great. Todd Oliver. If you’ve read my recaps before, you know how I feel about this abomination. I’m still pissed that this guy and his “talking” dog act made it through. There were much more talented people that deserved to get through over this ridiculous excuse of an act. *Waits in vain to be amused*

Tonight he changed up the format a bit by setting up a scene of him being a late night talk show host, and his dog Irving being a guest. He even threw in a shameless ass lick to Howard Stern by saying that Irving’s last name is Stern. There were a couple one liners that were decent, but overall I was disappointed. Big shocker. The judges loved him once again. I. don’t. get. it. Please, someone, explain to me how this is funny? The jokes are mediocre at the very best, and I can’t get over how miserable the dog looks. Please, America, don’t vote for this guy. Only three acts will make it through, and this guy doesn’t deserve one of those spots.

Donovan and Rebecca are next in line. Howard Stern said they get a little “arsty-fartsy” and need to focus on the strength aspect of their routine. I disagree. The strength part is amazing, but I am moved by how supple their movements are. They manage to make what is essentially a show of brute strength into something that is graceful and lovely to watch. These two are so fluid. They make it look so effortless. I agree with the judges when they say that this act deserves a place. Donovan and Rebecca are one of the few acts that I feel really fit on a Vegas stage.

Edon (who said he’s gotten lots of messages from teen girls, as well as a few marriage proposals… rock it out, little man!) popped his collar and took his place at the piano to deliver a great rendition of What Makes You Beautiful. He was great. Edon will go places. Even if he doesn’t make it on America’s Got Talent 2012, he’s going to be successful. Howard Stern didn’t like the song selection and said that it was boring. I disagree. I loved this song for him, and the other two judges are with me on this one.

Dancing twins The Scott Brothers nailed their routine tonight. I was incredibly impressed with these guys. Even their intricate hand movements were perfectly coordinated. I loved every second if it, especially the whole robotic theme, but I’m not sure that they will make it through. Howard Stern said that it was more of the same, Howie Mandel said there was no standout moment, and Sharon was underwhelmed.

Eric Dittelman, now going by only his last name at the suggestion of the judges (weird…), had Howard Stern come to the stage and start to color in the self portrait he drew in an earlier performance. He did the coloring live on stage. Dittelman then revealed a version of the same drawing that he’d colored in before coming on stage. It was extremely close to being a perfect match; no small wonder, considering that Howard colored his face green and gave himself purple horns. I really don’t know how he does it, but I’m absolutely fascinated, and so were the judges.

Here comes one of my favorite acts from the early audition rounds: Turf. His passion and drive really moved me, and his contortions were insane. Sharon Osbourne said that he needs to add more than just the contortions, and she’s right. He won’t get through on that alone. He seemed to try to do that tonight, but for me it was a little weird. He relies a little too much on a particular move with his arms and shoulders. I was a little bored, which is disappointing. I was looking forward to his performance, too. Howie Mandel loved him, but I agree with Howard tonight (I hate saying that); his routine is too similar each time.

Singing a slowed-down, countried-up version of Pink’s song Perfect, 16 year old Bria Kelly did a passing job tonight, but it was nothing spectacular. She sounds like so many other singers out there. It was technically sound, but there’s nothing that makes her stand out. There’s nothing unique. Sharon said that the performance lacked emotion, and I agree. That’s a powerful song full of raw emotion and she just didn’t bring that.

Joe Castillo amazed me once again with his sand drawing skills. It is awesome to me that not only does he create beautiful art with sand, and quickly, but makes it into a true performance. He’s one of my favorites, for the sheer creativeness of his act.

Finally I get to see William Close (and his entourage) again. He started out by playing his girlfriend on stage. Don’t worry (or get too excited, depending on your taste), it was nothing dirty. She was wearing some sort of suit that had been turned into an instrument. I was wondering how he’d be able to top his last performance, but somehow he did it. The whole thing was beautiful. The singing, the dancing, the instruments… it all came together into something that was more than music. It was emotion, and love… amazing. Simply amazing.

And the man I have been waiting impatiently to see again, comedian Tom Cotter. He really brought something new to the table: he chose a judge (Howie Mandel) and let him choose a topic from 9 subjects. He picked college, and off Tom went. I laughed the entire time. I can’t say it enough: this guy is a true professional. He’s hilarious, his timing is fantastic. I laughed my ass off, my husband laughed his ass off, the judges laughed their asses off… and I’m pretty sure the audience was assless by the end of the act as well. Bravo, Tom!

The final act to take the America’s Got Talent 2012 stage tonight is Academy of Villains. This act wasn’t one of my favorites the first time that I saw them, so I’m hoping to be impressed tonight. It is certainly an attention-grabbing performance, and I loved how they incorporated the whole mime theme. It was well done. I really loved the later half of the performance, when one of them mimed singing while the others supported them in the background. They’ve converted me. I’m now a fan. Everyone loved them, except Stern, who was bored yet again.

America is going to have one hell of a time tonight. There were a ton of great acts. This is very stiff competition, and I have to agree with what the judges have been saying all along: this is the best season of America’s Got Talent yet.

Tomorrow night on the results show, we’ll get commentary from Steve Harvey, and Neon Trees will perform their song Everybody Talks. I’m ridiculously excited about Neon Trees performing. I can’t help it. I have that damn song on repeat at least five days out of any given week. Squee!

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  1. Gridlockmanifesto says:

    Howard Stern is being billed as the star, and poor Howie and Sharron have to acquiesce to his rants. Sharron hardly speaks or looks at Howie any more, so that is a slap in the face too. Howard seems smart, but he is cocky, and that I don’t like. He does seem to have a good eye for talent, though from his track record for how America votes.

  2. Pamela lozon says:

    Never watched show before. There were 3 acts out of this world that makes me want to watch the next show. I watch ALL the talent shows and think that Howard Stern should go back to his awful old gig since he could not see real talent if it hit him in the face. Everyone that Mrs Osbourne and Mr Mandrel liked he shut down. He liked the alright acts. He, to me is NOT a judge of talent after having that awful show he had…… How in the world did he make it as a judge of talent instead of a talent of those awful acts he had on his awful shows….. Go home Stern!!!!!! If he is on again next year, again I will not watch even if nothing else is on…. Would rather watch a rerun….. Sorry Stern, go home!!!!!!

    • Pamela lozon says:

      Agree with the person summing up all the acts and the judges, sounds like he agrees with me on Stern and his reactions!!!!! YEA someone else see’s him for what he is and that is NOT a judge. Go back to your show and judge women’s upper body size’s. BYE I hope!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I really have a bad feeling that the youtube and wildcard acts are going to be a disadvantage regardless of how well they did here. People have not only had to wait not only two weeks for the wildcard and youtube rounds, but also another three weeks for the olympics. I have a feeling voting is going to lean more towards the non-wildcard/youtube acts simple because we’ve all been starved of those acts for so long.

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