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  • Beth Jone

    Well, that explains why Christian and Maria’s family were always eating off paper plates and drinking from plastic cups

  • Rachel

    I love these 6 people and I believe they could be so happy and well matched. All except the youngest couple. Frankly I am very conflicted as to why the network would show a 14 year old boy trying to take on the roll of a MAN & HUSBAND.
    I understand that Romanian people have a very different way of life then other cultures do. But this young boy should be in Junior high school worried about test scores and making it onto one of the sport teams and not taking care of a wife. He is a good looking smart child and could go far in life if he were encouraged to be a child and educated and allowed encourage even to go on to college.
    The Indian couple need to stop allowing their family to push so hard on both of them to adhere to traditional Indian culture. They are an up and coming American/Indian couple and need to work together to help educate their family into their Progressive American life style.
    As for the Southern couple… I am a Texan, and we think we are as Southern as it gets. We also pride ourselves on being “Good Southern Women”. Mother in law’s are as hard to take as spoonful of poison sometimes. Even well meaning Southern Mother in law’s. Thank her graciously for her advice. Then explain that you have to do things your own way even if it’s a mistake. That is how we learn. From our mistakes.

    • Christian is 18 and Maria is 17, so no 14 years old getting married.

  • Pam

    Something doesn”t seem right about Maria and Christian’s family. Most romani are Catholics, but they were not married in the church.
    Also on the twitter account Christian and Maria, they detail Maria’s 18th birthday gifts. one is a Louie Vutton purse (value about $1100) and Louboutin shoes (sp). Also Christian shows a photo of a Lambourgini(sp) and claims he took it out on a sunny day. The home shown does not look like that home on the tv.

    • How interesting! There is something about that family that rubs me the wrong way, so interesting to hear that.

    • well, I had the feeling something didn’t seem right about the Millers. If what you saw on Twitter is true, then that would explain why they always were drinking out of plastic cups and sometimes eating off paper plates

  • PC

    Ragini misled Veeral about having a family if she is as conflicted as she was after the wedding. It is normal for grandparents to ask about grandkids. She could have said, “Of course! we’ll get those grandkids to you ASAP!
    She doesn’t seem to know how to placate family when necessary. Her reaction made them suspicious. What kind of executive does she aspire to be if she cannot put that fire out? She already knows that her husband follows the lead of his mom and sister (weird dynamic).
    She should know that if she got a clean bill of baby-making health, she could have negotiated a six month to a year wait before starting to get pregnant.
    She had major leverage, but could not capitalize!
    I don’t think she’s going to be a good executive, so she should just start the family now. It takes more than speaking over people and stubbornness to lead. Oh well. She is Indian, so someone will make her an exec, and the people under her will suffer.

  • If being a spoiled brat makes you a Southern Belle,kiss my grits. Megan makes me
    want to scream, get a job!! Loose 15 lbs, and grow up.
    Christan is just young, no experience, needs to work more. His mother is
    still young, 5 years will not be too long to be a Grandma.

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