America’s Next Top Model College Edition: Where’s Miss J?

If you tuned in to the season premiere of America’s Next Top Model: College Edition last night, you no doubt noticed a few absences from the judge’s panel. That’s because Miss J Alexander, Jay Manuel, and Nigel Barker – all veterans of 18 cycles of ANTM – were fired.


This news came as a surprise to fans of the show when it was announced back in April. America’s Next Top Model has been declining in recent cycles, and this cast change was made in an attempt to lure viewers back.

They missed the mark. Miss J – judge, catwalk consultant, and diva extraordinairre – was the biggest personality on the panel, and had been with the show since the beginning. Tyra Banks now remains the only other personality that’s been there from the start. Viewers see this as a typically egotistical move by Tyra, and the show is expected to lose even more viewers as a result.

While Nigel Barker seems to bear no ill will toward Tyra Banks and the CW, stating that it was purely a ratings-driven move, Miss J seemed less understanding. She told Us Weekly:

“After 18 cycles, I found myself in the bottom three and Tyra pulled a surprise triple elimination. I didn’t even get to runway for my life!”

So, they didn’t even bring them into discussions about it. Crappy move. After so long on America’s Next Top Model, those three deserved more consideration.

I watched the season premiere of ANTM College Edition last night, and the new judges are lackluster. Ladies might love the addition of model and former boxer Rob Evans, but he doesn’t bring the same pop to the panel that Miss J did. Nigel was hotter, anyway.

We’ll miss you, Miss J. On to things that are bigger than Tyra Banks’ ego… if such things exist. Catwalk into the future, you fabulous person, you.

Let’s hope that America’s Next Top Model cycle 19 can recover from such a hit.

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  1. I totally agree that Nigel, Ms. J, and Jay Manuel should not have beenlet go, they were ANTM. This season really sucks. It’s ok that the people have a say in the judging but come on the commentary and the other judges are totally whack and I will not be surprised if ANTM sees another season and that would be bad because I like the show. Come on CW and Tyra bring back the J’s and Nigel.

  2. Absolutely couldn’t agree more on this article. Tyra has made two enormous PR mistakes: 1) Using Howard Stern’s show to publicize her embarrassing, poorly written book. After the 1999 Columbine shooting, Stern said, “If I Was Going To Kill Some People, I’d Take Them Out With Sex,” clearly meaning he would’ve raped the girls before murdering them. View article here: Tyra used STERN for promotion?!?! I’ll never forgive her for that. 2) I always knew her Number One Priority is herself, but I never thought she would be so cruel as to unceremoniously dump three wonderful people who were the heart and soul of ANTM without any warning whatsoever. Fortunately, Miss J, Jay Manuel and Nigel Barker are so well loved that they will continue to thrive despite her nefarious business practices. I’m looking forward to watching the rug get pulled out from under her. Karma’s a bitch, Tyra Banks!

  3. MAx Power says:

    Going from 30 to 13 contestants is brutal, but that’s how things go in the season premiere.

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