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  • angie

    I caught 3 episodes last night because I couldn’t sleep and am fascinated.

    a: not sure what is up with Christian but someone needs to knock that little twit down a notch or 2. He said something to the effect of having to establish control and “who’s the boss” early on so she needed to unpack on their wedding night? What kind of 18-year old man is he that he’d rather his bride upack than consummate the marriage? Seriously…

    b: Meghan and Josh – Meghan needs to nip the MIL issue in the bud. Getting upstaged at her own wedding by MIL Lisa was insensitive and rude. Lisa’s passive aggressive remarks about Meghan’s eating and the way her dress “wrinkled” because of the fit made my blood pressure rise.

    c: Ragini has a huge chip, or should I say boulder, on her shoulder about something. Nobody can give her any advice and if they do she immediately develops some kind of strange ‘tough girl’ attitude. Veeral tells her to be careful and that he doesn’t think she should go 4-wheeling and she tells him “what happens when someone tells me not to do something?” then proceeds to 4-wheel and get hurt. He basically says “I told you so” and she tells him he did not. He will never win in this relationship.

  • Miranda

    I really hope Christian starts being nicer…

    “he tried to give me some advice” about the talk with his father???
    UGHHHH that poor girl

    • Shery

      I really can’t stand the way Christian treats Maria. He is just a young spoiled kid who should NOT be married. It’s really difficult to watch how he speaks to her. I almost feel this is just a power trip for him. Maria….get out now.

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