America’s Got Talent 2012 Live Recap: Wild Card! (VIDEOS)

On tonight’s episode of America’s Got Talent 2012, a dozen of the acts that didn’t quite make the cut the first time through return for another shot at a spot in the semifinals. Who will get lucky and move on to the next round in America’s Got Talent 2012, and who will get rejected a second time?


This post contains America’s Got Talent 2012 spoilers of the wild card round. Please do not keep reading if you do not want to know what happened!

After some of the disappointing picks in the YouTube rounds during America’s Got Talent 2012, I’m not too confident that the right decisions will be made tonight. Some of the acts returning to the stage are less than stellar, while others really deserve a shot at progressing on America’s Got Talent 2012. It will be interesting to see if the acts can step up their game and deliver something really spectacular tonight.

Personally, I’m most excited about seeing goth singer Andrew De Leon again. That kind of raw talent is what America’s Got Talent was created to find. He’s amazing, and I was in tears when he froze up during his last audition. Here’s to hoping he really brings the noise tonight!

After another of judge Howie Mandel’s shameless plugs for his Twitter page (in case you didn’t catch it the first 500 times, he tweets live during the show), we got down to business with Howard Stern’s first pick: Spencer Horsman. Spencer’s escape act was good, but a mistake sent him home. His timing is great and his stunts are interesting and have the right amount of drama.

Tonight, he was restrained inside a glass box and had to escape while wet cement was being poured on his head. I was disappointed. At the end of the trick, when the tank looked full and his hands popped out of the tank to fumble with the lock on the top, I drew in my breath, but then I saw his hair by his hands and realized he had ample room at the top of the tank to breathe. Meh. Where’s the danger? Either everyone else missed that detail, or they still found it exciting. Not for me. Chalk it up to my analytical mind.

And now for Sharon Osbourne’s first pick, the all-male, mostly-hot clogging group All That! They are cute. They can clog. They have matching calf tattoos (uh… ?!?). But are they worth a million bucks? America didn’t think so during the last round, and I don’t think so tonight. It was technically fine, but it was just kind boring to watch, honestly. There was some kind of weird moment where they interacted with digital silhouettes in the background, then some lame attempt at special effects, with puffs of smoke and sparks. One of them wiggled his ass and another ripped off his shirt, and those were the highlights of the whole ordeal. If I want to see skin and ass wiggling in Vegas, I think I’ll just hit up a strip club.

Howard Stern told them that if people DVR’ed this episode, they would fast forward through All That!’s performance. I tried to fast forward live TV, so I’d be willing to wager that he’s right.

Jarrett & Raja take the stage to prove that they’re not hacks after they were basically laughed off the stage during their last performance. They impressed me tonight! It was a really awesome illusion, and I’m not sure how they pulled it off. That’s what I like to see out of a magic act! Howie Mandel was rather smug about his recognition of their talent despite their previous fiasco, and Howard Stern agreed that they redeemed themselves tonight.

Here’s another act that I am excited to see return. He’s talented, he just needs better song choices. Jake Wesley Rogers went with a Lady Gaga song tonight, and unfortunately it’s another poor song choice. It fell completely flat for me. I’d love to see him do something by The Killers or All American Rejects. Maybe that’s just me. He was fine… he just wasn’t great.

Here comes Cristin Sandu with his very precarious balancing act. What this guy does is ridiculously cool, but he messed up and fell again tonight. He had a little temper tantrum and kicked a piece of the steel across the stage. He was obviously pissed at himself. Though he won’t get through, I commend this guy for coming back and not playing it safe. Given that he messed up last time, he could have tried to play it a little safer tonight to ensure that he made it through the act. Instead, he upped the ante even more with an even more topsy-turvy contraption to stand on, and fire. Bravo, Cristin. You should be proud.

Great. It’s the jackass with the “talking” dog again. Sigh. The first time I saw Todd Oliver, I’d already seen too much of him. Please for the love of all that is nerdy, get this guy off the stage. This act is so stupid. He took Howard Stern’s advice and made the act topical. It still sucked. I didn’t even chuckle… again. Can this be the last of this man and his miserable-looking dog? Why do the judges like him so much? Sharon Osbourne gave him a 10. What?!

The Bandbaz Brothers get their turn for redemption, and while they don’t fail, they were so shaky that I feared it at any moment. It was a pretty impressive trick, but it was just one thing and it was really short. I don’t know how that would translate to a full act, and I’m not sure that the danger or the sheer strength that it took to complete the trick really came across on TV. The judges were very impressed.

Another that I’ve been waiting to see: Sebastien El Charro. He mixed it up tonight but doing a mariachi’ed version of New York, New York. It was awesome, and adorable. This kid rocks, and I am confident that he’ll make it through tonight. Everyone loved him! You can’t resist that kid’s charm. Howard gave him some criticism and he took it in stride and with more grace than many adults.

By far the dumbest act to have made it even this far on America’s Got Talent 2012, Horse was brought back by Howard Stern, because I guess that nut shots appeal to his juvenile sense of humor. The only way that I would enjoy this act is if he missed the mat. There’s nothing funny about this garbage to 95% of people past the age of puberty. He requested that Howard come on stage to hit him in the sack with a tennis ball thrower. *raises eyebrow* The hell is wrong with these people?

Amazing dancer and contortionist Lindsay Norton stunned me again tonight. Watching this girl move across the stage is mesmerizing. The control that she has over her body is phenomenal. I hope that America can appreciate her grace, because she deserves to go through.

The moment that I – and no doubt the rest of America – have been waiting for: Andrew De Leon. I don’t think he was technically perfect tonight, but he did a killer job, and it’s still a pleasantly stark contrast between his appearance and his beautiful voice. I’m so glad that he didn’t choke tonight. He received a standing ovation, and he deserved it.

The final act of the wild card round tonight is crossbow danger guy Ben Blaque. His act is very dangerous and therefore exciting to watch. The shot was really amazing, but watching him set everything up was rather boring. There were minutes of set up for something that took only seconds to actually perform.

There were some major flops and some amazing triumphs tonight. I can’t wait to see how America votes tonight. It’s going to be really close for some of these guys. I know who I think deserves to go through, but America has not always agreed with me. All I know is that if the nut shot guys or that ridiculous dog go through, I will lose all hope for humanity.

Results show tomorrow night! I’ll be here.

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  1. I was most excited to see Andrew De Leon come back for a second chance. I love his story, and think he is extremely talented. I had been looking forward to this episode since the YouTube episode was so terrible. This was one of the best episodes of the season, and I can’t wait to see who makes it through. I would like to see Sebastien and Andrew go through!

  2. W-H-Y W-H-Y did they bring back the NUT guy???? There is nothing even funny about that huge waste of time and took away from someone else that does actually HAVE talent. I was so happy they brought back Andrew!!!! WTG what a voice.

  3. I agree with most of what you said, except andrew, to be honest not my favorite act! GO SEBASTIEN!!!

  4. The ONLY reason I am giving this show a second chance is that they are giving Andrew DeLeon another chance.
    Once he was out of the competition, I stopped watching.

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