All The Right Moves 2012: Episode 2 Preview – Travis & Taja Butt Heads!

All The Right Moves 2012, a show featuring Travis Wall and friends as they try and start a dance company, premiered on July 31 and now three weeks later we get to see Episode 2. Why the big delay Oxygen? Anyway, here we are and we finally get to see where Travis Wall, Teddy ForanceNick Lazzarini and Kyle Robinson take us with their dance company, Shaping Sound.

Travis, Teddy, Nick and Kyle have all impressed us with their work on either So You Think You Can Dance or Dancing with the Stars, but now it is time to see how they do away from those shows. Travis, Teddy and Nick are the founding fathers of Shaping Sound and All The Right Moves 2012 shows us the ins and outs of starting a dance company. There is going to be drama and there is going to be tension, but seeing them dance together is worth it all! These boys and their dancers do have All The Right Moves 2012!

The premiere episode ended with the boys picking dancers for Shaping Sound and hosting their first event to get potential investors. Things start to get heated on Episode 2, as Travis Wall and Taja Riley, one of the lead female dancers in Shaping Sound, butt heads. The two often wrestle with each other when it comes to dancing and now it is going to get even worse, as Taja is dancing in Travis’ dance company.

Taja said some harsh words to Travis in the premiere episode, so it seems like Travis is holding a grudge, as you can see in the preview below for tonight’s All The Right Moves 2012 episode.  Travis is under some tight deadlines as the boys try and get their dance company off the ground. Check out the preview below and come back tonight for my All The Right Moves 2012 recap!

ATRM Exclusive Sneak Peek Episode 2: Travis… by thatsfunny

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