So You Think You Can Dance Live Recap: Mia Michaels Night! (VIDEOS)

After a two-week break of So You Think You Can Dance 2012 for the London Olympics 2012, the Top 14 are back on SYTYCD 2012! I could not be more excited for tonight’s episode either. Not only the break, but my favorite choreographer on So You Think You Can Dance Season 9 is Mia Michaels and tonight is all about her! How could I get so lucky???

Tonight, the Top 14 will take on some of the best routines Mia Michaels has given us over her years on SYTYCD 2012. Her routines are always my favorites, so this is going to be a jam-packed full show of me acting like a happy little schoolgirl! Besides all the love for Mia, we also have to say goodbye to two of the dancers. If you forgot how they all danced on the Top 16 show, check it out right here!

So far this season on So You Think You Can Dance 2012 I have been shocked at who the judges have sent home. Yes, America votes, but they don’t decide on who is sent home. They vote for the bottom three and then the judges decide who will go home. To be honest, I thought Alexa Anderson would go pretty far in the competition, but she was sent home Week 1!!! I thought Amber Jackson and Brandon Mitchell had an awesome routine last show, but it was wasted because they were sent home! What do you think of the new format of the show? Tell me in the comments!


Please stop reading here if you do not want So You Think You Can Dance 2012 spoilers about the Top 14 performance AND elimination results show! 


Well, Cat Deeley starts out the show with a shocker for me…four dancers will be heading home tonight at the end of the show and we will find out our Top 10 for SYTYCD 9! The judges will save only one guy and one girl tonight and they will join the Top 10, who will be going on tour! The judges tonight are Nigel LythgoeMary Murphy and guest judges tonight are The Ballet Boyz (Michael Nunn and Billy Trevitt). Before we get to the partners dancing, we take a look at the Top 14 dancing together to a Mia Michaels routine. The woman is purely brilliant and this show has me so excited…bring on the partner dances!!!

Up first tonight on So You Think You Can Dance Season 9 are Eliana Girard and Cyrus Spencer, who will be doing The Door routine done in Season 4. First of all, Eliana is brilliant. She is such a strong dancer and I absolutely loved her during this performance. Secondly, Cyrus brought it big time for this performance. He has been blah for me lately, but this was amazing for him too. Mia is a genius! Nigel said it is going to difficult to disassociate from the ones who have seen the first performance and then seeing the dancers tonnight. He said Cyrus needs to lower his shoulders and Eliana is so strong and she showed us she can be so great in creating these characters. Mary said this was great and the two of them together are brilliant, Cyrus is such an entertainer. Ballet Boyz said they are both strong dancers and Eliana had him begging for mercy and very excited for tonight.

The next couple tonight are Tiffany Maher and George Lawrence II, who are taking on the Hometown Glory routine from Season 4. Another great performance and these two are some amazing dancers. Mary Murphy said they murdered this routine and it was phenomenal. The transitions were flawless and Tiffany was unbelievable. Ballet Boyz said fantastic energy from them and told Tiffany to maybe not overperform and let George assist her. Nigel said he doesn’t think we have seen the best of George yet, but maybe tonight we have and they both did an excellent job tonight!

Up next on SYTYCD 2012 are Amelia Lowe and Will Thomas, who are doing The Butt dance from Season 5. Amelia is worried because the entire audience is going to be focused on her butt the whole time. Amelia looks good in this routine. They curled her hair and gave her some sass….I enjoy it! They do well together and seem to be on the same page very often…I like! Nigel said this is one of the toughest routines to critique and it means much more to it. Will was trying to bring more character to it, but Amelia needed to bring more character to it and she was looking down at the floor too much and the whole thing as a routine was okay. Mary said she liked it and Amelia is exquisite to watch dance and she loved seeing the two of them do it tonight. Billy said he thought it was very strong and they were both wonderful in character.

The next couple up tonight on my So You Think You Can Dance live recap are Janelle Issis and Dareian Kujawa, who are dancing to The Bed routine from Season 4. Janelle says that her 8-year relationship is rocky right now, so this is really close to her right now. It’s funny how a bed in the middle of a stage can mean so much for a dance, but this was a great routine. Michael said the choreography was great and Dareian needs to work on his feet and Janelle’s hair distracted him. Nigel said Mia can tell a story in a minute and 30 seconds and he got some personality from Dareian finally and it was more of a solo performance for him tonight and Janelle didn’t stand out tonight. Mary said there is so much emotion in Dareian, but Janelle may have been overacting.

On a sidebar: is it just me or is anyone else annoyed by the Ballet Boyz? They know none of the dancers this season or who Mia Michaels is or who Twitch is? Also, do you think the judges critique different for the dancers that may be in the bottom three? They know who the bottom three are before they perform and Nigel seems to critique different with certain dancers and it just got me thinking. Anyone agree?

Up next on SYTYCD Season 9 are Audrey Case and Matthew Kazmierczak, who are doing the Time piece about Mia Michael’s father. This is a very touching piece and can they do what they did in Season 3? This one was amazingly done in Season 3 and I don’t think Audrey and Matthew got the same emotion they did that season. They can dance, but the emotion wasn’t there for me. Mary said she didn’t feel the real truth and passion from Matthew in this routine and Audrey is a shining star. Billy said Matthew has to find a way to disguise the effort he is putting into it. Nigel said Matthew needed to bring more fun into the life of his daughter and it didn’t come across to him and they didn’t show the emotion. The judges were not feeling this routine at all! Do you agree with them?

Up next on my So You Think You Can Dance live recap are Witney Carson and Chehon Wespi-Tschopp, who are dancing to The Bench routine, which is amazing and can they even stand up to Travis and Heidi? This is going to be tough. Witney, remember everyone, is a ballroom dancer. This girl is amazing and I love her more and more every week. I think Chehon is a great dancer, but I felt no emotion from him. Nigel said the technique was there throughout it and the passion came across tonight and one of his favorite routines. Mary said this routine is hypnotic to watch and Chehon’s center is the best in the competition, but let go just a little bit more and Witney was remarkable tonight. Michael said Chehon always has a job with the Ballet Boyz.

The last couple tonight is Lindsay Arnold and Cole Horibe, who are dancing to the Addiction routine from Season 5. Lindsay was getting beat up in this dance and looked great. She got whipped and tossed around and was so good. Cole gets into character so well and he looks great on that stage and a great partner. Billy said he was very impressed with that and they both have great versatility. Mary Murphy said this is Mia’s best routine and the best tonight and a great performance tonight from both of you. Nigel Lythgoe said you two tonight have come out on top and Cole scared the shit out of him tonight.

Now it is time to find out the bottom three guys and bottom three girls on So You Think You Can Dance 2012. They all take the stage again and up first are Eliana and Cyrus, who are both safe tonight. Now it is Tiffany and George. Tiffany is in the Top 10 and George is in danger tonight! Next up are Amelia and Will. After America’s vote, Will is in the Top 10 and Amelia is in danger tonight! Next up are Janelle and Dareian. They are both in danger tonight! That leave us with Audrey and Matthew, Witney and Chehon, Lindsay and Cole and one more guy and one more girl are in danger tonight. The other dancers in danger of leaving tonight are Matthew and Lindsay, so Audrey, Witney, Chehon and Cole are in the Top 10. The judges would like to see all of them dance their solos to see which guy and which girl they will save…this is so freaking intense!!!! Who do you think they will save?

To sum it up, the bottom three girls are: Amelia, Janelle and Lindsay. The bottom three guys are: Matthew, Dareian and George. They get one more chance to prove themselves they deserve to make the Top 10 and this is so hard because they are all great dancers….ugh! Based on their solos, I would save Lindsay Arnold. She worked her butt off and showed she wanted to stay in this competition. The other girls did well, but she shined! For the guys, I would save George Lawrence II. He had such great technique and he showed it during his solo. Your thoughts?

The judges discussed and they announced who they saved on So You Think You Can Dance 2012. For the girls, they are going to save Lindsay, which means Amelia and Janelle are leaving us tonight. Now for the guys, the judges are going to save George! I was right with both my picks…were you? That means Dareian and Matthew are leaving the competition tonight (I am shocked, I thought Matthew would make it farther).

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  1. I kind of like this process better accept for the fact that the judges decide on who’s going home. I loved the opening performance and the fact that it was Mia Michaels night. I particularly loved Eliana and Cyrus’ routine and thought they both did exceptionally well. I was bummed to see Janelle and Amelia go home though.

  2. I know, what with that break for the All-Star game, too. Kinda sucks since we only get one episode per week as it is but oh well.

  3. Excited for tonight’s episode and really thankful for your live blog as I’m not in the US so I wouldn’t get to follow along live if not for you.

    Not really surprised at 4 going home tonight cause of the long break. Can’t wait to see how they all do.

    • No problem and happy to have viewers follow along with me!!!!

      Yeah, I didn’t think about the long break and more going home. It does make sense, but this season seems too short for me. Already in the Top 10!!!

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