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  • frankie

    Absolutely agree with all of your comments…lovely young woman and great role model….very classy lady.

  • Dear STANA …… THank You ! I’m so proud of you!! …..SHINE ON!!!

  • Hi.I have watch all of stana movies.and her biggest fan on castle.she is the most beautiful woman ever.and the best actress ever on tv.But the work she does she does put her heart and soul in it.she is one amazing woman i have ever seen.you dont have people out there that does what she does and she loves what she does.stana is the best ever Always

  • Lynn

    couldn’t agree with you more. but this shouldn’t be surprising! Anyone who has seen Ms. Katic interviewed can’t help but see that she is one extremely intelligent, well spoken woman who has a real interest in her community, environment and fellow humans . Beautiful, intelligent and talented Actually, to take a line from a well known show “she truely is extraordinary!”

  • Livus48

    Hi Joy,Even here in Norway I saw this in the nett,on Twitter and of course all her fans,who shared this. And if ppl didn’t know this before,they surely knows it now.This is an amazing woman,as lovely on the inside as on the outside. Her hart is in everything she does..always

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