Big Brother 14: Meet The Returning Veterans (Videos)

Tonight is the season premiere of Big Brother 14. Per usual viewers are warned too expect the unexpected. Prior history of Big Brother has shown almost anything can happen. An ex-lover can greet a contestant as they enter the house or one can meet the sibling they never knew existed. There are no limits to the possibilities in the Big Brother game. Big Brother 14 should be no exception.


This post contains Big Brother 14 spoilers for the season premiere of Big Brother 14. Please stop here if you do not want to know what happened!


As the final hours before the Big Brother 14  premiere approaches, many are already aware of the major twist for this season of Big Brother. Four of Big Brothers most successful players are reentering the house to play their own game. They’ll each mentor a group of housemates and have the chance to win their own monetary prize. (Check out the 12 new houseguests for this season here.)

Even though people who subscribe to the Big Brother 14 live feed are not supposed to have access to them until after the premiere tonight, a couple nights ago live feed pictures were leaked. The leaked Big Brother 14 feed revealed that Britney Haynes, Janelle Pierzina, Dan Gheesling, and Mike “Boogie” Malin are the four mentors. All four players have a lot of respect and fans supporting them, but what makes these players so memorable and deserving of a mentor title?

Britney Haynes was a contestant in Big Brother 12. Britney won a couple vetoes and an HOH competition at a key moment in the game. She managed to make it to the final four. She was the last girl standing among a rather solid alliance of men. How Britney gained most of her support inside and outside of the house was through humor. Her Big Brother diary room confessions ranks among the legends of Big Brother diary room confessions. Here is a reminder of some of Britney’s best bits in the diary room.

Dan Gheesling is the only one of the four mentors to actually win his season. In Big Brother 10, he showed that being a huge fan of Big Brother almost always pays off. Dan used many of the tools other players perfected to win him the game. He played weak when needed to, formed a secret alliance, and made smart game moves. One of his strongest moves was winning the support of America. This support led to him becoming America’s player and this week allowed him to perform one of the biggest game changing moves that season. When America voted out Jessie it also led to putting a big target on Dan’s back. The fact that he made it to the finals after such a big target, proves he’s one of the all-time best Big Brother players. Relive one of his best moments below.

Janelle Pierzina played hard Big Brother 6, she won many competitions and wasn’t afraid to call people out. She played almost as hard on Big Brother 7: All Stars. Among some of the greatest players in Big Brother history she still ranked in the top. She won the most Power of Vetoes ever and most competitions. She also ranked third both of her seasons. Janelle is a power house.  Her loud mouth honesty can get her in trouble, but she’ll probably tone it down this year being a mom and all, but no doubting she’ll be an unstoppable force in Big Brother 14. One of Janelle’s best moves was when she won the HOH after Kaysar’s eviction, relive that moment below.

Mike “Boogie” didn’t play the smartest game Big Brother 2. He focused heavily on a showmance and focused too much on being fun and his terrible rapping skills. He was evicted quite early on Big Brother 2. His smartest move on Big Brother 2 was befriending Big Brother’s best player of all-time, Dr. Will Kirby. In Big Brother 7: All-Stars, the two were almost unstoppable and he was crowned the winner of All-Stars. Can Mike play a strong game by himself? To remind you of some of Mike and Will’s best moments watch the video below.

Which Big Brother veteran are you most excited  to see mentor? Which Veteran do you think will win? And what are you most looking forward to seeing this season. And which newbie are you looking forward to seeing play? Let us know in our comment box!

Join us on tonight for a recap of the Big Brother 14 premiere. Get excited, it’s going to be one crazy summer in the BB house! The Big Brother 14 live feeds launch immediately after the west coast premiere, so make sure to get yours ready to go before the show!

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