The Glass House 2012: Episode 3 Recap – Alliances Formed

Who will come back from Limbo on The Glass House 2012? That is the question we are all wondering as The Glass House ABC kicks off tonight. Apollo and Holly were sent to Limbo last week, but only one can return to The Glass House TV show. The second episode of The Glass House 2012 brought us a little bit more drama and alliances are starting to form and the challenge was fun to watch, so I am intrigued to see if The Glass House 2012 can win me over completely tonight…how about you?

The contestants of The Glass House 2012 start discussing on who will come back tonight: Holly or Apollo? Meanwhile, MikeKevin and Robin meet and declare their alliance, but trying to keep it under wraps. They decide to play a little question came and Gene comes up with the question of your best relationship and why it ended? Well, bring out the tears for Stephanie, she was with the man of her dreams for 3 1/2 years and married for 14 months and her husband passed away. Stephanie is crying and everyone is feeling bad for her, as they should, and then Robin decides to share with everyone that she was almost murdered and had a knife up against her throat…can anyone say awkward??? Erica, who I don’t like much, tells Robin it is not a competition of stories and everyone is just quiet.

Then Robin confronts Erica about that moment and tells her she was trying to build up Stephanie, but Erica ruined it. Erica said she always makes it about Robin, so it is the Robin Show. Now, Robin is having a breakdown on The Glass House ABC. She tells Mike she is losing it and doesn’t know how much more she can take of it. Mike and Kevin discuss if Robin is sane enough to be there. Meanwhile, Robin is having a breakdown and is up all night cleaning The Glass House. Get it together woman!

Andrea, Mike and Kevin are talking about Stephanie’s story and Andre nails it dead on…none of them have a chance after Stephanie’s story. Who can really stand up to a spouse that died? As heartless as it sounds and Andrea admits that, it is so true, right?

Time to see who is coming back from Limbo on The Glass House 2012. They come up their tubes and after America voted, Apollo heads back down and is gone forever and Holly returns to the game…Erica is pissed! The contestants switch rooms and Erica and Jeffrey are in the Enemies Room, even though they are best friends. In the Friends Room are Gene and Mike. Time to see some flirting in The Glass House ABC, as Joy and Gene seem to be getting along great. I love the fact that Gene called it a show-mance! Apparently Joy is bisexual and is flirting with everyone on the show! I don’t call that bisexual, I just call that a whore!

Time to find out which contestants of The Glass House 2012 got the least number of votes and will be the team captains this week. The bottom two are Ashley and Robyn, which this is the second week in a row for Ashley. The losing captain will head to Limbo and one person from their team will join them. Meanwhile, Holly gets acquainted again and Mike, Kevin and Robin tell her that Jeffrey, Joy, Erica and Stephanie have a little alliance and we talking bad about her the whole time she was gone!

I found out the name of that crazy lady talking to us on The Glass House 2012. She is Ori and she has a Twitter, of course!  Ori breaks in and the viewers voted on what they should wear for 24 hours and they decided winter mittens. Andrea, who is a Mormon, decides to use the mittens to kill flies, which starts big drama between her and Jeffrey. They get into this big argument about homosexuality and gay marriage and Andrea’s beliefs…just when I was starting to like Andrea she goes and speaks this nonsense. Good luck at lasting in The Glass House 2012 when you are hating on the gays!

The contestants  decide to have some drinks on The Glass House 2012 and Kevin and Erica do some flirting together in their drunkeness. Well, it ends up with them “cuddling” in bed and who knows what else happened. Kevin said every time he gets drunk someone gets molested, so he told Jeffrey to be careful…too funny!

Time for the next team challenge on The Glass House 2012. Ashley and Robin have picked teams and on Ashley’s team are her, Joy, Gene, Kevin and Holly. On Robin’s team are her, Mike, Jeffrey, Stephanie and Andrea. The first task is to bob for either three apples in applesauce, three teabags in tea or three pieces of chicken in gravy. The viewers of The Glass House ABC voted and Robin thinks they choose the chicken in gravy. Team Ashley gets to choose which of their opposing team gets to bob for the chicken. They choose Erica and she does it. The viewers chose chicken and gravy, so one point for Team Robin. Next is which salad the viewers wanted to see them mix with their feet: Tossed Salad, Tuna Salad or Potato Salad. Team Ashley chose Tuna and Team Robin picked Gene to do it. The viewers chose Tuna, so point for Team Ashley.

The tasks continue on and it was tied 2-2 going into the final round on The Glass House 2012. Team Robin goes and she chose wrong and gets no points. Team Ashley goes and she chose correctly and gets one point for the win. Robin will be heading to Limbo and someone on her team will join her after The Glass House 2012 vote.

After the challenge, Erica is worried she will be going to Limbo. Jeffrey is trying to round up the troops to get votes for Andrea, as he thinks Mike, Robin, Holly, Kevin and Ashley will be voting for Erica. He tries to see who Gene and Joy are voting for because him, Stephanie and Erica will be voting for Andrea and he wants to see an Andrea vote to show a sign of equality and he tries to use the gay card. How lame is that…it’s a game, not a real vote for equality! Gene is the swing vote and no one knows which way he will vote. Kevin is amazing because he said unless they don’t ban together and let the gay guy win, then they all hate gay people…so true Kevin, it is a game! Then Stephanie, Andrea and Joy find a pair of Robin’s jeans that have weird sayings written on the pockets that make no sense…I think the women is nuts!

After being a trying week on the contestants, Ori tells them they will be rewarded by The Glass House 2012. Their reward: Tenley Molzahn and Kiptyn Locke from Bachelor Pad join them in The Glass House ABC and give the contestants some advice. Then Erica pulls Kevin aside and asks him who he will be voting for. He tells her he is voting for Erica because Andrea has been through more in The Glass House 2012.

The contestants go and vote on The Glass House 2012, which again I get annoyed by the breaking glass and the “funny” things the contestants do to try and be funny. With the votes tallied, the voting has resulted in a tie. With it being tied, Robin gets to choose who she wants to go to Limbo with and she chooses Erica! Who will come back? Vote on who you think it will be right here!

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  1. Aunt Robin says:

    Well, here’s what they didn’t tell you.

    1. I wrote sayings in jeans prior to the show. Why? Because I had seen something planted on another reality show and thought It might come in handy to test someone. Think it coincidence they were just left somewhere for Steph to find?? Uh, the same woman who tried to tweet under someone else’s account? Really? There aren’t even pens in the house.
    Wish I’d been able to prove Gene’s motives earlier . . .

    2. I wasn’t talking to myself during the floor scene. I was talking to producers. There was no mop. Why was I washing floors? Uh, I also cleaned bathrooms and towels. Someone had to. Don’t get me started on the filth-including a used sanitary napkin Andrea found on the bathroom floor. Disgusting.
    3. It would have been nice had production showed anything I was told they would. It would have been nice had editing not taken things to a whole new level. Whatever. There is no reality in reality tv.
    4. I wish the remaining contestants the best. And I wish the producers the best. From the ratings I’ve seen? Honey, they’re going to need it.

  2. Good luck at lasting in The Glass House 2012 when you are hating on the gays!

    so voting as a US citizen in favor of your beliefs is considered hating now? lol if she would have said i voted for gay marriage i love the would have called her a hero and brave for standing up for gays.but instead she stood up for her real beliefs so she hates gays now lmao.

  3. uhhhhhhh andrea didnt just bring it was a topic they were supposed to talk about via a twitter question.this is one of the reasons i am done with this turned from a game where strategy could come into play and has now become the anti gay marriage group vs the gay marriage supporter andrea

  4. RickiJean says:

    Please vote off Erica. Robyn’s playing “crazy”,she’s not. She’s strategizing..playing better than Erica..

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