The Glass House 2012 Episode 3 Preview: Who Will Come Back From Limbo?

After two weeks of The Glass House 2012, I can say I am a little more intrigued about this show. Alex did not come back from Limbo last week on The Glass House ABC, so America can vote properly…good job everyone! The Glass House 2012 challenge last week was kind of cool and we started to see some drama form between the contestants…that is when it gets interesting. Last week on The Glass House 2012, we saw Apollo and Holly head off to Limbo with only one of them returning to The Glass House tonight, but which one will it be???

Apollo came into The Glass House 2012 wanting to play a different type of game…and a fair game. When voting comes around on The Glass Show TV show, Apollo said he was going to give everyone a card and the card he drew was who he was voting for. Seems legit and seems like with that way, he could not make any enemies on The Glass House ABC. However, it also never allows Apollo to form any alliances because his no one knows where his votes will go on The Glass House 2012.

Well, after only two episodes of The Glass House 2012, Apollo is already looking at changing that game plan…smart move Apollo. After being the team captain (a job he got by being one of the two lowest contestants with votes by America) on the losing team, Apollo was forced into Limbo. Things aren’t looking great for Apollo to come back, right? He had the lowest votes of anyone in The Glass House 2012 and now he needs votes to stay in The Glass House ABC…not good at all Apollo.

However, Apollo went up against Holly in Limbo on The Glass House 2012…that’s a good thing for Apollo. Holly was caught straight-up lying last week by the other contestants and I think (and hope) America sees that and sends her home!  Yes, I’m quite aware there is always a lot of shady things and lying that goes on on these type of shows, but learn to play that game Holly. She was caught and not very smart, so why should she win The Glass House ABC? My vote is to send her home and Apollo comes back from Limbo. Do you agree? Tell me in the comments!

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  1. Holly’s coming back. It was revealed in the Live Feeds they have every few days of the week. I’m glad she’s been chosen over Apollo!

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