Duets TV Show 2012: Week 6 Preview – America’s Turn To Vote

Duets TV Show 2012 is back on it’s regular night tonight and after five weeks of pre-taped performances, we go live tonight on Duets 2012! We have seen three singers leave us so far on Duets TV Show 2012: Alexis Foster, Meleana Brown and Jordan Meredith (who was shocked by that elimination last week)? That leaves us with our Top 5 on Duets TV Show 2012: J Rome, John Glosson, Bridget Carrington, Olivia Chisholm and Jason Farol. All of our Duets 2012 Superstars, Robin Thicke, Kelly Clarkson, Jennifer Nettles and John Legend, have a singer left (do you think that was made to be that way?), so we will get to see them all hit the stage tonight on Duets TV Show 2012!

Tonight we go live on Duets TV Show 2012 and the voting turns over to the hands of you…are you excited? There are many ways to vote and you can find out how to do all of that right here. With the Superstars only giving their critiques now and not actually voting, I think things on Duets 2012 are about to get real interesting! We have seen some standouts this season: J Rome, John Glosson and Bridget Carrington. And we have some seen some good, but a step behind the others: Olivia Chisholm and Jason Farol. With American voting now on Duets TV Show 2012, I think the standings are about to change!

From what I have seen on Duets 2012, Jennifer Nettles has some MAJOR supporters out there…more than I even knew about. John Glosson seems to have some MAJOR supporters out there as well. Needless to say, after America votes on Duets TV Show 2012, I think we are going to finally get to see John hit that top spot on the final standings. I also think Jason Farol is going to benefit from America voting on Duets TV Show 2012. Kelly Clarkson is his partner and she has a huge following, so I think that may sway some big time votes his way.

However, we won’t find out any standings or voting results on Duets TV Show 2012 until next week. America will vote and then the first thing next week, the singer with the lowest number of votes is sent home! We won’t get any Duets TV Show 2012 results tonight, but being a live show, I am thinking ABC is going to pull out all the stops to make it as over the top as possible…don’t you think? Tonight the Duets 2012 partners take on songs from the 2000s, so don’t miss it!

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  1. gridlockmanifesto says:

    Yes, America will vote and I hope they choose Olivia. Although I feel terrible hoping anyone is voted off, it is inevitable, and I want John or J Rome to win, although Bridget is good too. J Rome had his worst performance, and Jason his best, so the tables were turned. My Dish co-worker is convinced J Rome will win, which I’m not so sure about now. My family can watch commercial free with Auto Hop on our Primetime Anytime recordings too, which I love it because we can watch more TV shows in one evening when we save time from skipping the commercials. After all, I pay for TV, not commercials.

  2. I’m dissappointed in this show I believe the judges voting for each other is not fair when Jordan went home (who by the way is better than Alexis, Bridgit and the guy left on Kelly’s team) so I think Jordan was voted off cause Kelly had two people left and the others only had one each left so they got rid of her because they want to win

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