RHOC 2014 Season 9 Episode 6: Showdown at the Hoedown (VIDEO)

If you saw the preview to the rest of RHOC 2014, you know that things are not going to end well!  There is a lot more disagreeing, arguing, and crying to come.  Find out what happens on tonight’s RHOC 2014 Season 9 episode with us tonight!


Last week on RHOC 2014, Tamra Judge introduced new girl Lizzie Rovsek to the other housewives.  Being a new housewife is always challenging, but Vicki Gunvalson likes to put them through the wringer.  Vicki has been known to not like change, including new girls.  Shockingly, Vicki took a liking to new RHOC 2014 housewife, Shannon Beador, but the same cannot be said about Lizzie.

When the housewife’s went out together on last week’s RHOC Season 9 episode, Vicki and Lizzie had immediate drama.  Vicki wasn’t impressed by Lizzie and she made it known.  Lizzie was shocked by Vicki’s behavior and didn’t put up with it.  Has Vicki met her match?

To make matters worse, Heather Dubrow got into it with Shannon over a chair!  Heather was told to move down a spot and then didn’t understand why Shannon got to sit in the spot she moved out of.  When Shannon was in the bathroom, Heather decided to take the spot back.  When Shannon returned, an argument ensued.  Heather overreacted but she turned it around on Shannon.  Really?  They RHOC are arguing over a chair!?

On tonight’s RHOC 2014 episode Heather has her hoedown.  (Her party for the breaking ground on their new house).  If they fought over chairs last week what will it be this week?



Tonight’s RHOC 2014 episode started with Heather and Terry planning their hoedown party.  While talking about the party, Heather filled her husband in on the chair incident.  Why is she still making such a big deal out of it?

Despite the tension between Shannon and Heather, Shannon was still going to attend Heather’s party.  Shannon and Vicki went cowboy boot shopping for the event.  They talked about the chair problem and Lizzie.  Vicki had a problem with Lizzie and she definitely didn’t hide it!  Will they be able to keep their problems tamed for Heather’s party?

Before the party, Brianna brought Vicki lunch at the office.  She asked Vicki to take a break from work to help her look for a house in Oklahoma.  Vicki wasn’t happy about it and didn’t understand why Brianna had to move.

The hoedown party was everything you could expect from a Heather Dubrow party.  Big and extravagant!  They had bales of hay, a band, and an onion ring bar!  After the party began, Tamra gave Lizzie a little bit of advice about Vicki.  She told her Vicki isn’t used to people standing up to her.  Lizzie found it strange that Tamra was telling her all about Vicki since she is supposed to be so close with her.

Heather had the guests write their well wishes down so they could have a ceremony to bury the wishes in the ground of their new lot.  They wanted everyone to be there, but after waiting an hour, they went ahead and buried the jar without Vicki and Shannon being present.  Heather found their tardiness to be very rude.

After arriving late, Shannon got upset because she walked up to her husband taking a shot with some women she didn’t know.  Her husband normally doesn’t drink, especially not in the afternoon, so to see him drinking and ignoring her presence was extra upsetting.  To make matters worse, Heather made a big (and public) deal about them being late.

Heather said they put off the digging because she was waiting for them.  It was humiliating for Shannon.  She stepped aside with Vicki and told her how she doesn’t like the constant scolding from Heather.  Shannon wasn’t the only on late, but she was the only one that Heather confronted about it.  Tamra told Heather she needed to talk to Shannon.

When Vicki told Heather that Shannon was crying, Heather didn’t understand.  Heather tried to explain herself, but Vicki got bored and did her snore.  It wasn’t amusing to Heather.  She got up and walked away from the conversation.

The whole situation made Heather mad.  She brought Shannon around the RHOC so she was mad that Tamra was talking to Shannon behind her back.  Heather feels judged by Vicki and Tamra on RHOC Season 9, but didn’t want to let it bother her any more on her special day.  Shannon also didn’t want to make it a big deal.  It was Heather’s day, so she put it aside.

Terry took matters into his own hands.  He told Tamra she needed to take care of Heather and be nice.  Tamra didn’t him fighting her battles, but they put it all aside for a little square dancing and bull riding.  When it was time for Tamra to take a turn on the bull, Heather had them turn it way up.  She thought it was going to be funny, but Tamra ended up flying off and hurting her arm.  She got faint and thought she broke it.

After being thrown off Heather made a big deal out of the speed of the bull.  Before she got on the bull Heather was heard saying she had it turned up, so why did she lie?  Tamra got an x-ray.  She didn’t have a broken bone, just a lot of deep tissue bruising.  If it’s not physical injury it’s ego bruising with the RHOC 2014!

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