SYTYCD 2012: Season 9 Salt Lake City Auditions LIVE Recap

We’ve seen dancers audition in New York City, Dallas, Los Angeles and Atlanta, but tonight the auditions finally wrap-up on SYTYCD 2012 as we get a chance to see what Salt Lake City has to offer for the final auditions of So You Think You Can Dance Season 9. These are the final dancers who will get a shot at Las Vegas next week and eventually a shot at being named America’s Favorite Dancer for SYTYCD 9.


Please stop reading here if you do not want SYTYCD 2012 spoilers about the Salt Lake City Auditions show! 


Nigel Lythgoe and Mary Murphy are joined at the SYTYCD 2012 judges table by Adam Shankman, guest judge and director of the new movie Rock of Ages! We are about to be blown away by what Salt Lake City has to offer!

Witney Carson is the first dancer of the night, as she brings her sass to the stage for some ballroom dancing. She has some great moves and gets flung all around the stage and is very sexy, but she may need a little more practice…she is young. Nigel Lythgoe said you are sensual and sexy with it…you have great technique, great legs and smokin’ hot face…your Dad is really going to have to look out for you. Mary Murphy said you are for sure what I call a “hot tamale.” Adam Shankman said you are amazing…you are everything this show is all about. She gets a ticket to Vegas!

Who thought Witney Carson’s boobs were going to pop out during her audition??? Watch for yourself:

So You Think You Can Dance Season 9 is back and up next is Lynn Gravatt alien space dance, who not gonna lie, is scaring me…she is a little too freaky for me and she may be on something. She is a human body, but she feels her soul is from the stars and even admits drugs were involved…a hot mess who just happened to be an aerospace engineer. This keeps getting better and better, but how will she dance? And she has some dance moves in there, but it is pretty much a joke. Mary says she does look happy and is a real sweetheart. Adam said he doesn’t know if there is a place for her on this show, but he knows there is a place for her in this world. It is a no for Lynn Gravatt and see why for yourself here:

After a look at all the families who has come in to support their loved ones on SYTYCD 2012, we now get a look at Deanna “Dee” Tomasetta, who has a huge family, but none of them came to support her…thankfully because audience would be full! She has great lines and a beautiful smile. A great song to dance to and a great audition. Mary Murphy said she loved every single second of it. Adam Shankman said she is extremely special and have a beautiful wisdom with how she just danced. It’s Las Vegas for Dee…check her audition out here:

Up next is Gene Lonardo, whose theme of his dance is the life cycle of the male praying mantis…and another hot mess. Okay, so he can dance, but his theme did not show at all. He showed off his moves, but I didn’t see the life cycle. Nigel said it was intriguing and entertaining and has fabulous technique. Mary said that certainly was unique and I loved it. Adam Shankman said you are sort of brilliant…the choreographers on this show would eat you up. It is Vegas for Gene!

Lindsay Arnold comes from the snow of Provo, Utah to do some ballroom on SYTYCD 9. Another ballroom dancer who has some moves tonight. She works it and works it very well…an excellent job and is sexy as well. Nigel Lythgoe thought she was a good performer and a good technician. Mary Murphy said the sky is the limit for her in the ballroom. Adam Shankman said you were great. Another ticket to Vegas and this time for Lindsay! Take a look at her:

The ballroom dancing continued, as it seems everyone in Salt Lake City thinks they can ballroom dance and from what we have seen, they can! But to switch it up on So You Think You Can Dance Season 9, little blonde Mariah Spears comes out and does some krumping. This girl can crump and I enjoyed it. Adam said you are the best girl krumper I’ve seen audition for the show. Mary said it was a huge surprise for all of us. Nigel said she was tremendous. They want to see her do other choreography tonight, but will she make it? What do you think of her krumping below?

Six months ago, Murphy Yang’s family moved to California and disowned him. He had no friends or family and now he is here to prove his family wrong. These are the types of auditions where you just hope they do awesome and Murphy does. He was very entertaining and I enjoyed it. Nigel Lythgoe said he is an entertainer and a whole it was complete entertainment. Mary Murphy said it was not enough vocabulary, but you haven’t had enough training and that is impressive. Adam Shankman said he thinks he has a dancing inside of him to be untapped. It is off to choreography for Murphy! Check out his audition here:

After learning the choreography, Murphy Yang is sent home (so sad)! Mariah Spears does get a ticket to Vegas, as did 10 other dancers so far! More to come…

It is now Day 2 of SYTYCD 2012 Salt Lake City Auditions and up first is Dareian Kujawa, who grew up in a low-income family and struggled to make it as a family. He comes out shirtless, which Nigel questions since it is so cold outside. He wants to show off for the ladies…or maybe guys? He is an amazing dancer…such great technique and form…so good. Nigel said you are absolutely fabulous…you have lousy feet and you are going to have to work on them. Mary said you have great heart and great passion and check out those abs. Adam screams and again says, he is what this show is all about. Straight to Vegas for Dareian…want to see those abs??? Look below:

Time for the douchebag part of So You Think You Can Dance 2012, as Johnny Ahn, who has taken a course to be able to date more women called Double Your Dating. He is hideous and annoying, so I am hoping he fails. His ballroom partner is Whitney Hallam and I feel bad for her. She may be good, but I am over both of them. The sad thing is, they can actually dance and I am somewhat impressed. Mary Murphy said Johnny you are a ball of fire out there, but you never looked at your partner…work on that chemistry with her. Nigel Lythoge said he found Whitney to be striking and no chemistry, but he enjoyed it. Adam Shankman said their charm level was higher than their dance level. They both will be heading to choreography to dance with other people. Check them out here:

Some dancers who made it to Vegas last year and didn’t quite make the cut, came back this year and headed back to Vegas. Now, we have Adrian Lee, who made it to Vegas during Season 7, but was cut right in the end. He took a year off and now he is here to reach his number one goal and dream. He has great lines and I can see why he made it so far a couple years ago. Adam said you have unbelievably beautiful lines and have gained a lot of confidence. Mary said I do see a lot of strength in you…the foundation of what we are looking for is there. It is Vegas again for Adrian! See how Adrian did here:

After a quick look at some dancers getting tickets straight to Vegas on So You Think You Can Dance 2012, Rachel Appelhans takes the stage and is very, very sexual…is this a strip show or SYTYCD 9? She just rolls around the stage and points at Nigel and has no technique. Adam Shankman said fun and fantastic to watch and loved the confidence, but it was just running around. Mary Murphy would like to see if she could do something else, so Rachel will be heading to choreography tonight. How sultry was Rachel? Check her out:

And we have arrived at the last audition of So You Think You Can Dance Season 9 and it goes to Leroy Martinez, who is here to do what he loves. He is big and round, but watch out for a shocker! He is a super nice guy and only male in his family who hasn’t been locked up, in jail or have kids…I want him to do amazing! Big boy can move and has some flips and so entertaining…I loved it and so did the audience, as they give him a standing ovation. Adam said this is why this is his favorite job…he gets to watch people who inspire him…you are phenomenal. Mary said you are an absolute joy…you are the type of person we want to root for. Nigel said this is why I will fight for dance to be put in school curriculums…you embody the spirit of dance. They send him to choreography. See Leroy move right here:

Time for choreography and who will make it to Vegas? Johnny Ahn is a no…Whitney Hallam is a no…Rachel Applehans is a yes…Leroy Martinez, who gets a standing ovation from the judges, but he is a no and going home. So after all the auditions for SYTYCD 2012, we have 181 dancers headed to Las Vegas to cut it down to the Top 20…tune in next week!

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