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  • elizabeth brownd

    oh and Lopez is an awesome talent . great judge, great teacher, hearts in the right place, does her job but she is so overexposed at this point and someone needs to shift her out of the middle seat, get her out of the pink dresses, and get her say less, and her team has to pull her back from all these glam ads too. Why doesn’t someone tell her? Pull back for just six months and come back fresh with something new and she’ll have it all again. I mean keith and harry Jr. are not over exposed because they aren’t dominating the show., they still are candid, fun, surprizing. Because idol gives lopez way too make close up reaction shots. It’s their fault, too , the camera people are boring us they way they are filming Lopez. They are making her too in your face with the same predictable camera angles. The have taken a faceted beautiful person and are making her trite. It’s not right. All the great, funny candid shots between everyone – judges ,contestants, audience, band, randy etc. are what save the show, but they look like they are accidents. But those live moments are what keep it fun.

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