Pretty Little Liars Season 5 Spoilers: Tyler Blackburn Returns To PLL As Caleb Rivers

pretty little liars season 5 spoilers

Spoiler Alert- Pretty Little Liars Season 5 spoilers in this post.

Pretty Little Liars fans were in an uproar when PLL show-runners announced Tyler Blackburn would be leaving Pretty Little Liars to star in the supernatural spin-off Ravenswood.  After Season 1 Ravenswood ratings were not what ABC family hoped they would be, so the freshman series was cancelled.  Now, Tyler Blackburn is set to return to Pretty Little Liars in the 5th season.

On Pretty Little Liars Tyler Blackburn played the boyfriend of Hanna Marin, Caleb Rivers.  At first fans were not happy that “Haleb” was over and Tyler had been written out of the PLL series.  Recently Hanna (Ashley Benson) began to pursue a relationship with another Rosewood hottie, Travis.  At first PLL fans were skeptical about Travis and Hanna hooking up, but they seemed to have warmed up to the idea.  Hopefully they don’t get too attached though, because according to ABC Family, Tyler Blackburn will return in Pretty Little Liars Season 5.

It will be interesting to see how the PLL writers manage to write Caleb back into the 5th season, because frankly there’s no place for him now.  The PLL writers did not anticipate Ravenswood would be cancelled so soon, so Ashley Benson’s character Hanna went through the break-up blues, and then seemed to find closure, and move on.  Now Hanna appears to really be into Travis.  When Caleb’s character Tyler returns to Rosewood in Season 5, it’s going to throw Hanna Marin for a loop, and the entire storyline for that matter.

Are you excited for Tyler Blackburn to return to Pretty Little Liars in Season 5, or were you just starting to get used to Hanna and Travis’s new flirtationship?  Feel free to share your thoughts, or rants, in the comment section below.

Season 5 of Pretty Little Liars premieres Tuesday, June 10th, on ABC Family.

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