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  • Michael

    You can’t throw challenges, they never work and it ends up costing the entire tribe. You have to go in the merge with the numbers. How do players not realize that by now? I’m surprised at Sarah, didn’t think she would be so blind by Tony’s antics. Getting rid of Cliff now? That will just weaken the tribe. As for J’Tia, good riddance!!!!

    • I so agree on all of that. Sarah is shocking me right now, but she is putting the trust in the badge and you can’t blame her on that one. Apparently she puts more honor in that badge than Tony.

      • Emily

        Do you like Tony?

        • I guess he is playing the game, but I think she is putting a lot of trust in him because of the cops thing and he is messing with her mind. He just seems like a douche to me.

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