Dallas 2014 Season 3 Season-Episode 3 Recap: Lifting the Veil

Dallas 2014 Season 3 has had plenty of surprises already.  Can you keep up with the Dallas on TNT drama?  Catch tonight’s Dallas 2014 Season 3 recap right here!


Last week on Dallas 2014, backstabbing was on most people’s agendas.  Harris Ryland got out of jail and tried to blackmail his daughter into playing “nice girl”, but she got back at him when she returned home with his mother.  His mother insisted on taking over Ryland Transport, including the drug trafficking portion. Bobby and Ann Ewing weren’t happy about the release of Harris so they did a little snooping hoping to get him back in jail.  Instead of putting him back in jail, they learned he was working undercover for the CIA.  Will we find out what his CIA work is all about on Dallas on TNT 2014?

Also on last week’s Dallas 2014 Season 3:  Sue Ellen had John Ross Ewing followed and discovered his secret relationship with Emma; Elena Ramos had to tell her mom a little about her plan and her mom wanted nothing to do with it; John Ross paid off one of the workers to tell Bobby that they had to frack Southfork; and Christopher Ewing found a new love interest on Southfork.

On tonight’s Dallas 2014 Season 3, John Ross and Pamela Barnes will have their big Southfork wedding.   At least they will if John Ross shows up and Sue Ellen doesn’t put a stop the wedding!



Last week’s Dallas 2014 Season 3 episode ended with Bobby and Ann discovering the shocking news that Harris is working with the CIA.  Ann is worried about what could happen if things go wrong with the drug cartel.  Emma and Ann could be in serious danger.  Bobby decided to beef up Southfork security and asked the workers to ride with guns.

While Bobby and Ann worried about the drug cartel, Sue Ellen worried about her son John Ross and his love affair with Emma.  His love affair wasn’t all she should be worried about.  The Southfork workers with not happy with John Ross’s decision to frack Southfork.  Fracking would mean the loss of many jobs and the work hands showed him how they felt about that by picking a fight with him.

Bobby ensured the workers that he would put a stop to John Ross.  Bobby tried to bribe a local government person, but it didn’t work.  John Ross did a little bribing of his own on tonight’s Dallas on TNT.  He threatened to turn in the worker who swung at him (for selling drugs) if he didn’t agree that drilling oil is what’s best for Southfork.   Bobby had one more trick up his sleeve on tonight’s Dallas 2014 Season 3.  he brought an endangered chicken on to Southfork!  Fracking won’t be allowed on land where there is an endangered species.

Sue Ellen and Ann had a lot on their plates in tonight’s Dallas on TNT.  They worked together on planning John Ross and Pamela’s wedding.  Sue Ellen confided in Ann that she was worried that John Ross was involved with Emma.  Instead of getting defensive, Ann chose to believe Sue Ellen.  Bum lied to Sue Ellen and told her that John Ross wasn’t with Emma.  Will Pamela have to suffer through a marriage with a cheating man just like Sue Ellen did?  The lie didn’t last long.  Once Bum realized how indiscrete John Ross was being, and how little he cared, he went straight to Sue Ellen and told her the truth.

After getting mad at her mom for trying to control her, Emma agreed to go lingerie shopping with Pamela.  If Pamela only knew Emma’s true motivations behind going shopping with her!  While she was shopping, Ann tried to convince Harris to help reign Emma in.  Harris told her he can’t trust Emma enough to tell him about the CIA; she’s already sent him to jail once.

Once Ann told Harris that Emma might be sleeping with John Ross he told his mom.  She thought it was his problem to deal with, until he revealed that the files John Ross and Emma stole from him had unflattering information on her.  Now she plans on getting the files back.  How exactly do you think she will do that?

Christopher went back to Mexico on tonight’s Dallas TV Show.  He went to see Cliff Barnes and confront him about his insider Nicholas.  Even if Cliff didn’t murder JR, he did kill Christopher’s two unborn children and Christopher hopes Cliff will stay in prison where he belongs.  While Christopher was visiting Cliff he was tailed and pick-pocketed.

Christopher didn’t realize it had happened and continued on with what he went to Mexico for.  He found a man that Nicholas screwed over and found out that Nicholas isn’t his original name.  This new information lit a fire in Christopher to find out more.  His urgency to find out the truth about Nicholas may have made him a little irrational.  He got into a vehicle with two men he didn’t know!  To make things even more exciting, they took him to Nicholas’ wife!

Elena and Nicholas also did a little investigating on tonight’s Dallas 2014 Season 3.  They found the girl who testified against Cliff in the murder of JR and offered her more money if she agreed to tell the truth.  At the end of tonight’s Dallas on TNT Season 3 episode she called Nicholas.  However, she also called Bobby and brought him with her to her meeting with Nicholas.

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