The Bachelor 2014 Spoilers: Clare or Nikki For The Win?

In a few days we will finally know who The Bachelor 2014 spoilers picks as the winner of The Bachelor Season 18, but let’s talk about whether Clare Crawley or Nikki Ferrell is a better fit for The Bachelor Juan Pablo Galavis. We al know these women do not like each other, but it is down to what Juan Pablo decides to do on The Bachelor 2014 Finale, but he has to make a decision and we will too for the winner of The Bachelor 2014 below.

The Bachelor Juan Pablo 2014 Spoilers - Clare Crawley and Nikki Ferrell

To be honest, I agree with the women on The Bachelor 2014 Women Tell All special and that Juan Pablo did not see like he was there in a genuine way. Yes, a lot of the women were jaded, bitter women for being eliminated so early, but I also feel like The Bachelor Juan Pablo has been distant at times and not really looking for that wife and stepmom, like he claims. That makes it hard to pick one of the finalists as the woman that is right for him.

However, I must and I am going to go with all The Bachelor 2014 winner spoilers and pick Nikki. Do I think Nikki is a good fit for Juan Pablo? No, but she is the better of the two options. Nikki was supposed to be the villain of Season 18, but I have yet to see it and we have the finale next week! Maybe it was a good edit for her, but I don’t mind her and she seems like someone with their head on straight.

Clare seems like a hot mess that needs a lot of attention from the guy she is dating and must be the center of his world. She seems spoiled and I would put her as the villain from Season 18, as most of the women seemed to not enjoy her. I just think she would not make a good stepmom and needs to do some growing up herself!

So, who do you think wins The Bachelor 2014?

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