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  • Cat

    Ok, i can understand his point. He subscribes to the theory “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”. But i look at it this way: It wasn’t All In The Family”s business to break racial barriers. Nor Ellen to to show us equality is for everyone, not just straight people. Or Glee to foray into the transgender issue. And until The Mary Tyler Moore show came along, women characters were relegated to secretaries, mothers and housewives. These shows were pioneers in tackling the issues of diversity, equality and gender stereotyping. Granted they are not reality shows. But the fact that The Bachelor IS would hold more weight than a fictional show. Rather than being a bastion of dating rituals, they could leave a footprint in the sand. I’m not asking them to break barriers. But putting a crack in the wall would be a nice legacy.

    • Very, very true. As a reality show, show the reality of the world and not every person is straight. They have done enough spinoffs of the show, so why not take a chance on maybe a spinoff of The Bachelor if they are so afraid.

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