Who Got Eliminated on Survivor Cagayan 2014 Last Night?-Premiere

After last night’s premiere, who got eliminated on Survivor Cagayan 2014 last night?  Survivor 2014 split the contestants into three tribes of brains, beauty and brawn.  How did this new twist go?  Get all your Survivor Cagayan 2014 spoilers right here!


After arriving on the island the tribes were told why they were split the way they were.  Survivor 2014 is all about the aspects the contestants use the most to get what they want.  Brains, beauty, and brawn.  The game immediately started.  The tribes had to pick and leader and then that leader had to pick who they thought was the weakest.

Brains picked David as leader and he chose Garrett as the weakest; brawn picked Sarah as leader and she picked Trish as the weakest; beauty picked LJ as leader and he picked Morgan as the weakest.  Instead of being eliminated, Garrett, Trish, and Morgan got to go to their camps first and make a decision for their tribe.

They got to choose between an extra bag of rice for the tribe and a clue to the hidden immunity idol for themselves.  Trish was the only one to choose the rice.  Garrett actually for the idol and Morgan looked but couldn’t find it.  She decided to get on her tribes good side by telling them her decision was to choose rice and fishing equipment or comfort.

For the first Survivor Cagayan 2014 immunity challenge the tribes had to maneuver a cart through an obstacle course, stopping for keys and chests along the way.  Once through the course they had to assemble a puzzle.  The first tribe to finish won immunity and a fire making kit, second place won immunity and flint, third place went to tribal council.

The tribes started close together, but Brawn and Beauty quickly pulled ahead.  Brains fell so far behind that host Jeff Probst pointed out that it was one of the worst starts in history.  Beauty finished first, then brawn, then brains last.

Before going to tribal council the Brains tribe tossed around the idea of voting out J’Tia or David.  Once at tribal council it became clear that J’Tia was the target, but after J’Tia put a bit of a target on David’s back it was unclear as to who would be going home on Survivor Cagayan 2014.   David ended up being the first to go home on Survivor Cagayan 2014.

For the second immunity challenge the tribes had to swim out to a large cage and untie fishing traps.  They then had to haul them back to shore and assemble a puzzle.  The Brain tribe struggled to make it to the cage quickly but once in the cage, they quickly pulled ahead.  They were the first to start their puzzle, but Beauty was right behind them.  Sarah on the brawn tribe passed J’Tia and finished first, winning the Brawn tribe immunity and a large fishing kit.  Beauty fell way behind, but despite J’Tia’s lead she couldn’t figure out the puzzle.  Beauty won immunity and a smaller fishing kit.  Brains had to face tribal council for the second time on Survivor 2014!

Before tribal council, on the Brawn tribe, Tony noticed a small piece of paper in their fishing gear.  He put it in his pocket and opened it in private.  It was a clue to the immunity idol, which he immediately went and found.  Two idols have already been found on Survivor Cagayan 2014!

On the Brains tribe Garrett decided that nobody should have secret side conversations.  He wanted everyone to talk together and reveal who they wanted to vote for.  He just wanted to make sure he was safe and wouldn’t have to use his idol, but Latasha got very frustrated because she wanted to play the scheming aspect of the game.  Garrett told J’Tia she was going home and she was so upset that when she was left alone for a few minutes, she threw the tribes rice on the fire.

Going into tribal council it looked obvious that J’Tia would be going home on Survivor 2014, but one slip up by Garrett put him on the chopping block.  Instead of saying tribe, he referred to himself, Spencer and Kass as an alliance.  It became obvious that Latasha was next on the list to go home, and that Garrett had all the power in the tribe.  Garrett had an idol, didn’t use it, and got eliminated on Survivor Cagayan 2014  last night.

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