Pretty Little Liars Season 4 Theory: Alison DiLaurentis Twin Theory Revisited


When Season 1 of Pretty Little Liars premiered on ABC Family back in 2010, fans who had read the book series that the show is based on automatically assumed there would be a twin of Alison Dilaurentis’s revealed eventually.  The PLL writers began sneaking little clues into the episodes, hinting that there would be a twin reveal later on.  Pretty Little Liars fans began formulating carefully calculated and detailed “Twin Theories,” and speculating when Alison’s twin would be revealed, and whether the liars were friends with Alison or her twin.  As the popular series progressed, and more and more complicated storylines were introduced, PLL fans eventually abandoned the twin theory.  We have been so busy pointing fingers at the liars, their boyfriends, and members of their families, that we seemed to have forgotten the original twin theory.

Now that we know Ezra isn’t “A,” we are back at square one.  It seems like literally every person on the series that could have been “A” has been proven innocent.  I think it is time to revisit the twin theory, because frankly there aren’t many characters left on the show that could be “A.”

Here are six reasons PLL fans should reconsider the possibility of Alison DiLaurentis having a twin sister:

Sara Shepard’s Books

Any one who has read the Pretty Little Liars book series by Sara Shepard will tell you that the entire series revolves around Alison DiLaurentis and her twin sister Courtney.  Throughout the series the twins steal each other’s lives and friends, and make a game of impersonating each other.  (I don’t want to go completely into what happened because I don’t want to spoil the books for those who are in the process of reading them.)  Sure there are other plots and storylines on the side, but the bottom line is the books revolve around Courtney and Alison DiLaurentis.  So, how can ABC Family really make a TV show based on the books, and not incorporate the twin storyline.  Obviously the TV show isn’t going follow the books word for word, but if you have read the books then you understand and I am sure agree with me when I say…there is no Pretty Little Liars without twins!

The First Secret – Season 2 Halloween Episode

This episode was a crucial piece of the Pretty Little Liars Twin Theory for TWO reasons.  The first reason, being the most obvious and most popular, the creepy story Alison told in the beginning of the episode.  Hanna and Alison were babysitting, and Alison told the little boy a “scary story” about twin sisters who were fighting over a doll (they were probably 7 or 8 in the story).  The parents of the girls came home and found one of them lying in a pool of blood, her twin sister had murdered her.  If that’s not foreshadowing I don’t know what is.

pll twin theory

Halloween Switch

Also, in The First Secret, Alison was attacked in the abandon house.  When the girls rushed back in they found her sitting in a rocking chair looking eerily calm, and not like herself.  A lot of fans, myself included, think that the twins switched places during that scene.  If you watch the episode (which you can do on Netflix) you will see the sudden change in Sasha’s overall character.

Two Alisons In The Family Photo?

Then there is always this picture that can be seen hanging on Alison’s bedroom wall in flashbacks.  Why are there two Alisons?  Or is that a picture of all three DiLaurentis kids, Alison, Jason, and Alison’s twin sister?

pll twin theory2

CeCe Drake

No, CeCe Drake is not Alison’s twin.  But, she does play a crucial role in the twin theory.  We know CeCe was friends with either Alison or her twin.  And, we know that CeCe is working for “Head A” and helping them torment the liars.  She has even literally murdered for “Head A.”  Wouldn’t it make sense that CeCe befriended one of the twins (who is “A”) and helped them torment the other twin and her friends?

Maya St. Germain-What Did She Find?

If there was any proof that Alison had a twin sister, it would have been inside the DiLaurentis house, which coincidentally is where Maya St. Germain lived.  Maya ran away,  most likely because of her stalker, but she also left a note for Emily asking her to meet her because she found something in Alison’s house.  The question of who murdered Maya was left pretty open to interpretation, and a lot of fans believe that what Maya found in Alison’s house that she wanted to show to Emily is what got her killed.  If Maya found proof that Alison had a twin, then that would definitely be a motive for “A”/Alison’s twin to kill her.

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  1. No she’s not dead because on Spoiler she may come back in S5. Marlene tweet Maya is alive and Bianca Lawson never say she’s dead that means her character IS ALIVE.

    • Amanda Austin says:

      Marlene King never tweeted “Maya is alive.” People have been saying she was going to come back since the season 2 finale…and she still hasn’t. Maya really is completely irrelevant to the storyline now, the writers are not going to bring Bianca Lawson back unless it is to shoot a few flashback scenes that occurred BEFORE SHE DIED.

  2. Jennifer M. says:

    I love this breakdown of the twin theory. I’ve always thought that made the most sense of all the theories out there, but hadn’t really pieced it together yet. I’ll have to go back and watch that episode where they allegedly switched places. Very interesting!

    • Amanda Austin says:

      Yes! You definitely have to rewatch the Halloween episode from Season 2, there are so many obvious twin clues in it. So much has happened on Pretty Little Liars since Season 1, I feel like the only logical explanation is that there are two Alisons.


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