Reviews of Rupaul’s Drag Race, Season 6 Presents: Covergurlz (Videos)

RuPaul's Drag Race Season 6 Cast

RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 6 Cast

Rupaul’s Drag Race starts February 24th!  That’s in seventeen days!  Here’s a fun way to really get to know the contestants: Covergurlz! Yep all fourteen ladies have done covers of Rupaul’s music and lip-sync videos!  Each of these clips have some of the music video and of their audition tapes – giving you a chance to learn a little more about each contestant.  After viewing them all, I’ve picked seven as my favorite performances (not easy!) – done a short review, and put them in alphabetical order.  You can then check out all fourteen videos by going to the playlist at the end and do your own reviews!

Why I like Adore Delano: I loved her vocals! She had real emotion in her voice.  Her look has the exaggerated larger-than-life look of classic high drag, yet is really pretty.  Danny Noriega is super confident, which is very necessary to win!

Why I like Courtney Act: Let’s start with the superficial – she’s gorgeous and has an Australian accent – totally hot!  Her drag style is definitely Fish – she could easily pass as a woman.  I’d love to see her do a Madonna lip-sync!   I’m not sure if she’ll be royal enough in attitude to make it through – both she and Shane Jenek come off as super sweet – but she’d be an awesome Miss Australia!

Why I like Gia Gunn: She’s a pretty fish drag, but her fabulous costuming really makes her stand out.  She’s graceful in her movements and I liked the humor she uses in her lip-syncing job as well!  Scotty  Ichikawa‘s story of doing “baby drag” is super cool! Great personality!


Why I like Kelly Mantle:  She’s got to be the twin sister of  Christine Baranski! Seriously, in both her looks and humor she could be a Baranski impersonator.  Kelly’s just really fun to watch and has many looks and costumes.   The man Kelly Mantle has the same humor.  His personality comes off as a quieter and very understated version of his drag persona – he’s a good story-teller.

Why I like Laganja Estranja:  She’s definitely the dancing queen!  Also, one of the best lip-syncs in the group.   She goes from fish to classic high drag, and gives energetic show.  Jay Jackson is cute, but he sounds like he’s reading a script.  Relax, dude!

Why I like Magnolia Crawford: First of all, the name! Referencing Steel Magnolias and Joan Crawford in one name is perfect for this campy,  classic drag queen!  Loved the originality of her video that showed off her array of facial expressions and was really funny!  I love campy drag!  Reynolds Engelhart is a cutie, but sorry guys, he’s taken!

Why I like Trinity K Bonet: The hair is wild, the face is stunning, and she looks like she’s having fun!  Joshua Jones is a sweetie and passionate about doing drag.  Both of them they have great personality!

Let me know in the comments whose performances you liked best! Did any of  them change your thoughts about who your favorites are for the competition?

 February 24th is going to be so much fun!

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