The Bachelor 2014 Spoilers: Juan Pablo Tweets Picture Of Girlfriend?

It looks like The Bachelor Juan Pablo Galavis is causing an uproar on the internet, as he tweeted out a picture this week of himself with his girlfriend??? Yeah, The Bachelor 2014 has been known to cause some controversy with his statements and actions on The Bachelor Season 18, but did he tweet out some major The Bachelor 2014 spoilers??? You never know, but check out our The Bachelor 2014 spoilers below for details!


So, let me first share the tweet that has everyone in an uproar:

Now, for those of us that don’t speak Spanish, he clarified it on his Instagram account: “Happy BIRTHDAY to My Boo Anabelle, the BEST girlfriend I have ever HAD…”

Well, well, well! Best girlfriend he ever had???? This could be interpreted a lot of ways, as it could mean he is dating her and she is the best girlfriend he has ever had. She could be an ex and they are still friends. It could all be a joke and they are just friends and she is a girl. Who knows when it comes to The Bachelor Juan Pablo and his language barrier.

As far as the woman, that would be Anabelle Blum, who is a Venezuelan radio personality, TV presenter, and model. They could have a past together, but it seems like she may or may not be a married woman. If not and they are dating, this makes The Bachelor 2014 a bigger hoax than it already is!

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