American Idol 2014 Live Recap: Hollywood or Home Round

American Idol 2014 continues with its first Hollywood Week episode, and the American Idol 2013 judges certainly have their work cut out for them now that a total of 212 talented hopefuls have made it to the always intense Hollywood Round. American Idol Season 13 will have some changes for this part of the competition in terms of format, though we’ll still get to see the competitors sing individually as well as in groups. The group rounds are always interesting to watch, as we start to see people forming friendships, while at the same time clashing with one another, especially when they have such different musical styles and vocal ranges. It’ll definitely be fun to watch how everyone interacts with one another.

American Idol 2014 Hollywood or Home Round

Last Thursday’s final round of auditions took place in Omaha, and the one auditioner that stood out to me was Andrina Brogden. We’ll see how far she goes as Hollywood Week kicks off tonight. A lot of people will be heading home, so there will no doubt be lots of tears and heartache along the way, while other singers impress the judges enough to move forward in the competition. Tune in and watch with me as I bring you another live recap!


 The following post contains American Idol 2014 spoilers and videos for the American Idol Season 13 Hollywood or Home Round on Wednesday. Please stop reading if you do not want to know what happened!


It’s new round this season called Hollywood or Home Round, and as the name suggests, the contestant will either stay and continue to try to make it further, or get sent home right away after today.

Johnny Newcomb sings first. We first saw him at the Salt Lake City auditions. He sings “Pumped Up Kicks” by Foster the People and I think it sounds awesome. His fellow competitors give him a round of applause and the judges discuss.

Connor Zwetsch from Atlanta sings next and sounds great. Next, Ali Jane Henderson sings an acoustic version of “Toxic” by Britney Spears.

Caitlin Johnson sings next, and her voice isn’t as great compared to the first few who’ve just sang. After her, more people sing and start to slip up.

Remember Adam Roth from San Francisco? He was the offbeat guy who was wearing all white when he auditioned. This time, he busts out some “Radioactive” by Imagine Dragons on the keyboard. Keith and Harry aren’t feeling it, but Jennifer is adamant in her belief that he has something special.

Tristen Langley sings for the judges next. He was the guy whose mother was the third runner-up on the very first season of Idol.

Morgan Deplitch from Boston sings “Brave” by Sara Bareilles. Stephanie Petronelli, also from Boston, sings next. Rich Lafleur sings afterward. None of them sound very good in my opinion.

Eric Wood sings and plays the guitar, and he sounds great. Alyssa Siebken then sings. Neco Starr sings some Bruno Mars. Khristian D’avis, the girl with the changing accent, sings next, and the judges don’t seem impressed.

The judges dismiss a group of 160 people who haven’t sung yet, so they are safe for now. Meanwhile, the group of 52 people who sang for the judges are split it into two groups. One is staying, while the other is heading home. They both head onto two different buses. The tension is high, and people are already breaking down.

As it turns out, the first group is heading to the airport, back home. That’s kind of a cruel way for them to find out that they’re out of the competition, if you ask me, but that’s just the way it goes. Johnny Newcomb is in the group that didn’t make it, while Adam Roth is part of the group that’s still in the running.

On day two, the remaining contestants head to the Dolby Theatre. We see Majesty York again, who gives a very sweet performance while playing the guitar. Next, Samantha Calmes from Salt Lake City and John Fox from Austin sing. Brandy Neelly is the last from this first line of people to sing. Majesty, John and Brandy move to the next round, while Samantha is going home.

Spencer Lloyd sings a beautiful rendition of “Say Something” by A Great Big World & Christina Aguilera while playing the keyboard, and he makes it to the next round.

Austin Wolfe sings “Take It All” by Adele. Bria Anai sings after her. Last in the line is Selena Moreno, whose twin sister, Sierra Moreno, was cut in the audition round. Selena messes up a bit and tries to collect herself as her voice cracks. Austin, Bria and Jessica Meuse from Atlanta all make it through, but Selena doesn’t. We also say goodbye to Lauren Ogburn from Atlanta.

Sam Woolf sings next and does a great job with “Waiting on the World to Change” by John Mayer. Keri Lynn Roche sings next, followed by Ayla Stackhouse from Detroit. Finally, Salt Lake City’s C.J. Harris sings for the judges and sounds really good. C.J., Sam and Keri Lynn make it, while Ayla heads home.

Alex Preston from Salt Lake City puts his own cool spin on “Scream and Shout” by ft. Britney Spears. Jesse Roach from Austin also sings. Bryan Watt from Detroit sings next. Alex and Jesse make it, but not Bryan.

Kenzie Hall sings next, and she’s got a unique style as she sings “Can’t Hold Us” by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis. Quaid Edwards sings after her, and in the end, Kenzie moves on to the next round, while Quaid is going home.

Ben Briley sings next and sounds really nice with a country twang. Briston Maroney and Dexter Roberts also sound really great when they sing for the judges. Keith evens jams out a bit on Dexter’s guitar. All three of them make it through to the next round.

Rachel Rolleri sings next and also does a great job. In line with her are Casey Thrasher and Maurice Townsend. If you recall, both of them are fathers with absolutely adorable little kids. They’re also both really great singers. Casey, Maurice and Rachel are all heading to the group round.

George Lovett, Tiquila Wilson, Emily Piriz and Malcolm Allen are also moving on to the group round.

Munfarid Zaidi sings next. He was the guy Harry cradled in his arms during his audition. Next is Ethan Thompson and then Austin Percario. They all move on to the next round. Munfarid is once again cradled, this time by his fellow victors.

Caleb Johnson sings and he’s pretty good, as are Stephanie Hanvey and Kristen O’Connor. All three of them make it to the next round.

Emmanuel Zidor from San Francisco sings next and he’s determined to make it. He’s fierce when he performs, and he’s off to the next round.

Briana Oakley sings next, followed by Jesse Cline. They both make it through to the next round.

Keith London sings “If I Were a Boy” by Beyoncé, and the judges find the song choice a bit bizarre. Harry and Jennifer ask him to sing something else because they were distracted during the performance, so he sings “Same Love” by Mackelmore & Ryan Lewis ft. Mary Lambert. In the end, it pays off, as Keith makes it to the next round.

The last line finally takes the stage. Malaya Watson sings while playing the keyboard, but she doesn’t make it. Jena Asciutto also plays the keyboard when she performs, as does Savion Wright, who dedicates his song to his recently deceased brother. His performance is very beautiful, and he makes it through to the next round, along with Jena and Malaya.

Out of 160 contestants who sang, only 104 remain. Next up is the always intense and entertaining group round. Jennifer informs the contestants that the judges are going to be looking for harmony, choreography and unique performances.

The contestants must form into groups of three or four only. They start to rehearse with the vocal coaches, while others still struggle to form groups.

Jessica Meuse is frustrated with her group with two guys, one of whom has fallen ill and decides he has to quit the competition. Jessica and her last group member then part ways to find new groups.

Dexter Roberts, Ben Briley and Casey Thrasher form a country trio, and Jessica asks to join their group, but they are reluctant to let her join and decide against it. She ends up being taken in by a group comprised of Nica Nashae, Cara Watson and Stephanie Hanvey.

Meanwhile, a bunch of other groups are starting to fall apart, while others seem confident that they’re going to kill it in their performance. Most of them, however, are feeling the stress about learning the lyrics and getting their choreography down.

We’ll find out how the groups do on tomorrow night’s episode of American Idol. At least half of the contestants are going to be cut. I look forward to seeing how it all goes down. Be sure to watch it with me tomorrow night!

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