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We are back with the second episode of Duets 2012 and this time someone is going home, as all eight of the Duets 2012 partners hit the stage one more time with their Superstars: Jennifer Nettles, John Legend, Kelly Clarkson and Robin Thicke.

Last week in the Duets 2012 premiere, we watched the Superstars in their search to find their Duets’ partners. After each Superstar found two amateur singers each, they took the Duets 2012 stage and performed with each of them. Scores were tallied, but no one went home…not the case tonight, as the bottom singer on the charts will be eliminated from the competition.

After a look back at last week’s show, we find out that no one will be going home again tonight! The bottom two will perform head-to-head next week to see who goes home. Then in Week 6 of Duets 2012, the shows will go live and American decides from that point on! To kickoff the show, Kelly Clarkson and Robin Thicke perform their own duet, as they sing “State Of Shock” by The Jackson 5…very sexy start to the show.

First up tonight, Bridget Carrington from Team John, as they take on “I Knew You Were Waiting” by Aretha Franklin and George Michael. I liked it and thought it was a good performance…I think we got to see more of her personality tonight. Jennifer said your confidence level feels much better…you raised the bar on your own performance. Kelly said all those runs you were doing…whatever…you all nailed it. Robin said you look like a bag of Skittles and I love Skittles. Time for the standings….and she is #1…duh.

Up next, it is time for Team Kelly and Jordan Meredith. Kelly Clarkson tells them the others have more experience then her and Jason Farol, so they need to work on that this week for Duets 2012. Tonight, they will be singing “Misery” by Pink…fitting for her hair color. I love Kelly’s reactions during her performances…she is just having fun up there! Talk about wow…this was a great performance and a beautiful duet…they brought the big guns this week on Duets 2012. Jennifer said I love the soul and grit you have…you really raised your performance. Robin said Kelly picked the perfect song for her voice…you didn’t finish as strong as you started. John said you have a really strong, powerful voice up top…their was some pitchiness. Standings so far…Bridget Carrington and then Jordan Meredith.

Next up on Duets 2012….Team Jennifer…John Glosson and Jennifer Nettles singing “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough” by Marvin Gaye. This is such a familiar song…I did not like the song choice. I thought John did amazing last week, but I feel this was a step back for him…agree? He finished strong, but I wasn’t a huge fan of it. Kelly said I love that you all are having a fun time…vocally, I loved it…I think you are so talented and are going to go far in this competition. Robin said I think it was the wrong song for you…I do think your voice is incredible. John said you are one of the best singers in this competition…the energy of the song made it Broadway-ish. Standings now…Bridget Carrington, John Glosson and Jordan Meredith.

It is time for Team Robin on Duets 2012 as Olivia Chisholm and Robin Thicke take on “Where Is The Love” by Roberta Flack and Donny Hathaway. Olivia struggled with knowing the lyrics for the song during rehearsal…will it come over on the stage? I was not a fan of this song choice either…I don’t think they blended together very well and Jennifer Nettles and Kelly Clarkson didn’t seem to be enjoying it during the performance. John said he loves her presence onstage…it was lovely. Jennifer said it was a great performance…it was pitchy at times…the song last week showcased your voice more than this week. Kelly said you have a cool texture to your voice…I didn’t love the song…I do love your voice…very special. The new standings…Bridget Carrington, John Glosson, Jordan Meredith and Olivia Chisholm.

So, we find out that Johnny Gray is no longer on Duets 2012 for Team John because of unforeseen cisrcumstances…now John Legend had to do quick auditions to replace him. He finds two replacements and he gives them the song they will be singing. They have 24 hours to learn the song and audition for John again and then in 48 hours the one he chooses will be singing it for us…how crazy! Will he pick Meleana or Mario??? He picks Meleana Brown and they come out singing “Endless Love” by Diana Ross and Lionel Richie. She does have a beautiful voice and a weird tone to it…I like it. Robin said welcome to the show…you sounded beautiful together. Kelly said I think you did a great job…don’t try to be so perfect all the time…bring out the soul. Jennifer said overall and vocally, but there is something super classy in what you are doing. Current standings…Meleana Brown, Bridget Carrington, John Glosson, Jordan Meredith and Olivia Chisholm.

Jason Farol finished last week in the bottom on Duets 2012, but Kelly Clarkson is determined to bring his confidence out and move him up in the standings. They’ll be singing “Whenever You Call” by Mariah Carey and Brian McKnight. I thought Jason did amazing last week and he did even better this week…they gave me goosebumps! Did you enjoy it? John said he thought it was good…he seems to be looking to Kelly for approval when he should be owning it on his own…open up to the audience more. Robin said it was a big difference from last week…as soon as you stepped away from Kelly is when you exploded for me. Jennifer said I can see the confidence and growth from last week…Kelly and Jennifer said to bring the sexy next week! New standings…Meleana Brown, Bridget Carrington, John Glosson, Jordan Meredith, Jason Farol and Olivia Chisholm.

Two more duets left tonight on Duets tv show 2012. He finished first last week, so let’s see how J Rome and Jennifer Nettles do tonight for Team Jennifer. Tonight, they’ll be singing “You’re The One That I Want” by John Travolta and Olivia Newton John. I loved it…we all know that J Rome can sing and this showed a fun and playful side for him. It was cute and enjoyable. Quddus said he is one of the most polished amateur they have on the show. Kelly said I thought you had some swagger up there…it was good. John said you are such a natural on stage…song choice didn’t show off your voice, but we saw that last week. Robin said you get a 10 for your presence and a 10 on your pelvic thrusting…you have nothing to worry about…you have a great chance of winning this thing. New standings…Meleana Brown and J Rome are tied for first, then Bridget Carrington, John Glosson, Jordan Meredith, Jason Farol and Olivia Chisholm.

Last duet of the night comes from Team Robin…Alexis Foster and Robin Thicke as they sing “You’re All I Need” by Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell. I think she can sing, but she is just too awkward for me to watch…I don’t know what it is…do you agree? Jennifer said I thought it was a wonderful performance. John said you have a wonderful voice and you look comfortable up there. Kelly said it didn’t feel like a duet…it was very disconnected as a duet.

The final standings for Duets 2012 tonight: Meleana Brown and J Rome are tied for first, then Bridget Carrington, John Glosson, Jordan Meredith, Alexis Foster, Jason Farol and Olivia Chisholm. The bottom two will sing it out at the end of the show next week, but they are all safe for now…until next week!

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  1. the competitors should be singing the lyrics – not the harmony parts
    it would give their voices more chances to show up

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