Duets 2012 Predictions: Who Will Be First One To Go Home Tonight?

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ABC’s much-hyped new singing competition, Duets 2012, debuted last week and I fell in love instantly. The show takes the judges away from behind the judges’ table and has them join their singers on stage for some amazing duet performances…who didn’t think that Jennifer Nettles and John Glosson’s performance of “Stay” was brilliant?

The only flaw with Duets 2012 that I have…and many people feel the same way as I do…the Superstar judges (Jennifer Nettles, Kelly Clarkson, John Legend, Robin Thicke) do the voting…why? The three Superstars that did not perform with their Duets 2012 partner judge the amateur singers on two criteria (both worth up to 50 points each)…performance and presentation. Each week, the bottom amateur singer will be going home (the first week was a freebie to give them two weeks to prove themselves). So, the Superstars clearly could give less points to a favorite just to see them go home…maybe it’s what happened to Kelly Clarkson and her Duets 2012 partners, Jason Farol and Jordan Meredith, as they both landed in the bottom two spots?

Tonight’s Duets TV show, has the Superstars joining their Duets 2012 partners onstage one more time, but this time someone will be going home! Here are the standings from last week (from top to bottom): J Rome (Team Jennifer), Johnny Gray (Team John), Alexis Foster (Team Robin), John Glosson (Team Jennifer), Olivia Chisholm (Team Robin), Bridget Carrington (Team John), Jordan Meredith (Team Kelly) and Jason Farol (Team Kelly)…I’m still shocked Jordan and Jason are on the bottom and I feel John Glosson should be on top!

So, who will be going home tonight with the Duets 2012 results? It’s still unknown to me how these Superstars are voting, so I am not sure how it will go tonight. If I had to pick, I am going to say that Alexis Foster will go home tonight. I think she has a good voice, but she was a little awkward on stage and didn’t seem to mesh well with Robin Thick onstage.

Do you agree? Who do you think will go home? Are you ticked off about Kelly Clarkson’s Duets 2012 partners being bottom two? Tell me your thoughts in the comments!

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  1. There are 2 fantastic singers on this show and both are mentored by the top female vocalist Jennifer.
    Both John and J. Rome are already such professional performers and my wish is that they get a chance to shine on their own some day soon. I was moved to tears by both of them and actually think Jennifer should record a CD with them. She has the most powerful and mature voice and style on the show and her comments truly come from the heart (not the ego). I love the show.

  2. I think John Legend have one of the best female singer..singing with him Bridget Carrington is an awesome singer..and she has a beautiful personality..If i had to vote i would vote for Bridget…

  3. Yvette Carter says:

    This show needs some help! America should be voting, not the judges! The singers that were the best never seem to land in the top spot. I guarantee if America was voting, the board would look completely different and might put the egos of Thicke and Legend in their place! They need to change some things about this show or it will certainly go down the tubes in a hurry. It’s a shame, because Clarkson and Nettles are great singers and I really enjoy the partners they picked and the duets they perform together.

  4. Seriously get rid of the MC ~ he is horrible ~ it’s between him and Robin as to who has the bigger ego :( Agree that the voting should not be done by the judges ~ it’s just dumb that they actually say “let’s see where you are on the board” when she is the first singer (DUH) ~ boring to death!!

  5. Never Watching Again says:

    This was 2 hours of my life I will never get back. What a stupid show!! I sincerely kept waiting for t to get better, to no avail. How lame is Robin Thicke’s hair!!! He is sooo awful to watch, I don’t even have words to describe it. This is one show that needs to be dropped from ABC’s line up.

  6. I agree let the audience vote. The celebs are gonna vote low for the other contestants.

    • I agree–I take it the viewers will never have input??????????????? What a lame concept…………….OF COURSE voting will be unrealistic–just because he keeps calling them “super-stars’ does not mean they will vote fairly. If viewers have no input–what’s the point?????????????

  7. I agree.. the John Glosson/Jennifer Nettles duet was so good that I clapped at the tv after it was over. That was a first ha!

  8. Awsomely boring, especially the MC. Vote him out!

  9. crystal says:

    What happened to Johnny Gray from last week?

  10. Why Robin Thick?? He has an apparent major “me” attitude.

  11. Hands down to John Legend that I think is one of the greatest singers on earth for picking the girl(for looks not voice) over the guy for his stand in singer choice.

  12. What happened to johnny gray?

  13. patrick Ploof says:

    I don’t believe the superstars should vote. Let the studio audience do that. Now they say, one that performed last week is not there. So how does the new one have a chance? No real explanation as to why one is not there this week, only unforeseen circumstances. Leave us hanging, lack of info.

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