So You Think You Can Dance 2012: Los Angeles Auditions Live Recap

With a special airing last week on Thursday night, So You Think You Can Dance 2012 settles into it’s normal timeslot tonight…who is ready for some auditions??? SYTYCD 9 continues with auditions taking place in Los Angeles tonight.

With all the hopes and dreams that run rampant in L.A., they are bound and determined to bring us some great auditions for So You Think You Can Dance 2012. Cat Deeley guides us through another night of auditions for So You Think You Can Dance Season 9. Meanwhile, Nigel Lythgoe and Mary Murphy are joined at the judges table by last season’s popular guest judge, Jesse Tyler Ferguson from Modern Family.

To refresh you, the judges have three options for the dancers: sending them right to Las Vegas, send them to do choreography that night to prove themselves capable of being there or send them straight home.

Our first dancer of the night on So You Think You Can Dance 2012 is Alexa Anderson, who made it all the way to the Green Mile last year before being cut right before Top 20 announced. She’s stay strong and is back for another shot at it. She is a great dancer. Nigel Lythgoe says he’s not going to bother talking to her…he is sending her straight to Vegas.

Time for a special treat on SYTYCD 9…with his Soul Train-outfit in hand, Jontel “Johnny Waacks” Gibson brings his style of dance…waacking, which brought a laugh to everyone. He has been practicing his waacking on his own ever since he saw it on Youtube…so funny. He does well, but Nigel Lythgoe questions if he is good enough in other forms of dance. Mary Murphy says the whole audience loves you. They all say yes to choreography for him…will he move on?

Our next dancer on So You Think You Can Dance 9, Eliana Girard, has done it all it seems (Cirque de Soleil, dance school in New York, pole dancing) and she is only 20…get it girl. She has amazing form and gets a standing ovation from the judges. Nigel Lythgoe said isn’t about putting a smile or grimace to the dance…you need feeling and you felt it…one of the best girls this year. Mary Murphy said you are definitely Top 20 material in this competition. Jesse Tyler Ferguson said she has a great spirit…and of course, Eliana will be moving on to Las Vegas.

Eliana Girard’s performance must have inspired the other dancers, as we get to see three quick looks at dancers and all three moved on to Vegas for So You Think You Can Dance Season 9.

A look at the dancers coming in pairs on So You Think You Dance 2012, as we see a former teacher and her student dance together, sisters and then the most over-the-top duo of the night…Nick and James Aragon, a.k.a. The Ninja Twins. They are funny, queenier then queeny, full of energy and attitude and I love them! Not gonna lie….I thought they were going to be a big joke when they came out and danced, but they were good. Not the greatest partnership, but they were entertaining. Nigel Lythgoe said they can’t move on because they are 32 years old, but as dancers they are tremendous and have made this enjoyable.

Six months ago, Sam Lenarz’s mother kicked her out of the house because her mom couldn’t live with her anymore…WHAT??? She is now living with her best friend’s family and here to show that you should always believe in yourself. These are the type of auditions on So You Think You Can Dance 2012 that you wish and hope the dancer does well…Sam definitely does. Nigel Lythgoe says he needs more heart and passion from her. Mary Murphy said you are that good you need to just let it go…need to free you up a little bit. Mary asks if her family supports her dancing and then the tears come out. Nigel Lythgoe loves seeing the emotional side come out of her and she needs to channel that into her dancing…they send her onto choreography for SYTYCD 9.

Caley Carr is a surfer and skater by day, but his passion is his dancing…he is trying to bring tap dancing back to life. I guess he is trying to bring back the big, long mustache too…even though he looks ridiculous. Tonight is the night of shocking auditions… Jesse said such a cliche…you got  a mustache and you tap…such a mash-up of a person…you are fantastic. Mary said that she really liked his confidence…it was really fresh. They send him onto the choreography portion for So You Think You Can Dance Season 9.

Up next on So You Think You Can Dance 2012 is Megan Branch, who comes to the auditions with her mother, who worked two jobs and struggled so Megan could pursue dance. I like this girl…very excellent dancer. Mary Murphy said you are like a little butterfly flying around that stage…so much potential in there. Jesse said you are so beautiful…great energy. Nigel Lythgoe said pure joy and that comes across while you’re dancing. They send her straight to Vegas!

After a run of girls making it through to Vegas on SYTYCD 9, we get a look at martial artist, Cole Horibe, who tries to channel that through his dance. He has great form and he so works the martial arts into his dancing…kind of cool. Nigel said it was absolutely stunning to watch…I don’t think I have seen anything like it. Jesse said you have major presence…you are intense. Mary said your legs are lightning…it’s remarkable. He goes straight through to Vegas.

The circus has arrived and no, not Mary Murphy and her crazy antics…David Matz is a circus performer and he is here to try out for So You Think You Can Dance 9. He brings a seer wheel, a big ol’ iron ring, to dance with…it was very cool to watch, but can he dance? Mary Murphy said it was mesmerizing…can he do other styles of dance? I don’t care…it was gorgeous to watch. Nigel said he agrees with Mary, but he does care…he needs to see him in choreography, which he moves onto.

Stephen Jacobsen comes out and says he is going to dance ballet…not classical ballet, but just ballet. He comes out and has some lame routine and with lame choreography…he has moments of good moves in it though. Jesse said trust yourself…you are good, you don’t need any of this other stuff. Nigel and Mary want to see him dance to a different song. They put on a new song and he dances brilliantly. Nigel Lythgoe cuts off the music and they send him to Vegas. No clue why he came out with the lame routine to start on So You Think You Can Dance 2012.

We get a look back at dancers who have come back to give it another shot on So You Think You Can Dance Season 9…all with success. Will Jonathan Anzalone keep the streak alive? He came here four years ago and was cocky and arrogant and turned the judges off from him and didn’t make it. He is back to prove himself. He has some crazy abilities with his legs…he does some crazy splits. Nigel said it was more of a contortionist act than dancing…it seemed strange to me. He asked if he can actually dance, so they bring up a audience member and he dances with them…to which Jesse ran up and gave him some dollars in his pants! They decide he needs to still show he can dance, so choreography for him.

The auditions are winding down in Los Angeles for So You Think You Can Dance 9…Jasmine Mason has watched her brother, Marshea Kidd, audition the past three seasons. Six weeks ago they were in a car accident together and Marshea was pronounced dead on arrival…he was in a coma for two days and awoke and now he is here with his sister to audition….WHAT??? Jasmine auditions first and is a great dancer…great moves. Nigel Lythgoe said you danced it fantastically…you poured your heart and soul into it. Jesse said you have so much maturity…absolutely stunning. They send her straight to Vegas.

Now it is time for Marshea Kidd to get his chance…has he moved to fast from his accident to the stage? The accident didn’t affect him, as he displayed some amazing moves. Mary Murphy cut it short and said it is incredible what he has done in six weeks and gives him his ticket to Las Vegas.

Time for choreography round…all-stars Robert Roldan and Courtney take them through the dance steps. Not making it through were David Matz, Caley Carr, Jonathan Anzalone and Johnny Waacks. However, Sam Lenarz’s mother didn’t have faith in her, but the judges do and she made it to Vegas…as did 20 total dancers from Los Angeles, as they all move on to Vegas!

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  1. Brittaunt says:

    Ahh~! Cole!

    He is fantastic, my favorite for sure.

    I was so upset when they didn’t show him at all in Vegas week, so obviously I had to go find his audition- and I am so glad I did.
    Every time I watch I feel so inspired by his dancing, he is just so strong, he needs to go on to the top 20 for sure.

    He brings a uniqueness to the show that no one else can. He can definitely dance.

  2. The twins were super funny. i want them to have their own TV show

  3. I don’t fully believe Sam Lenarz story of her mom just up and kicking her out. I really want to hear the mom’s side of the story.

  4. Where can I get the music notes of the auditions? Some of the music I’ve never heard before and want to buy it! Please help!

  5. Bobbie J says:

    Mary M, please, please, stop with the yelling, screaming, etc. It is so annoying and distracting. I respect your knowledge and enthusiasm but ARRRGH! you can shine without all the noise.

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