Under The Gunn 2014 Recap: Premiere – Tim Gunn’s Own Show!

We have watched Tim Gunn serve as mentor on Project Runway from Season 1 and now it is his time to shine, as Lifetime has given him his own show and Under the Gunn 2014 premieres tonight! This is a twist on the Project Runway concept, but we are still working in the fashion industry on Under the Gunn Season 1! The show will take up-and-coming designers and put them in teams with a mentor in charge of each team (Mondo Guerra, Nick Verreos and Anya Ayoung-Chee) and may the best designer and mentor win Under the Gunn 2014! Follow along with the premiere below in our Under the Gunn 2014 Recap!

Under the Gunn 2014 Spoilers - Premiere

Instead of his normal mentoring gig on Project Runway, this time Tim Gunn will be hosting and watching the other designers and mentors work their magic. It will be interesting to see Tim on the other side of things tonight! The first two weeks will see the mentors head out to find their teams, which consists of four designers each. The winning designers and their mentor both get a fabulous prize package, so the pressure is on for everyone!


Don’t want to know what happened tonight on Under the Gunn 2014 Recap or find out who went home on Under the Gunn Season 1 tonight? Then don’t read ahead!


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We start with Tim Gunn and explaining the show a little more. He said he took all the aspects he loves on Project Runway and added mentors and his own flair. We are in Los Angeles for this show and we see a group of designers and then meet the Under the Gunn mentors! Each mentor will pick four designers, but it is not a team challenge. One designer is eliminated every week. The final designer and their mentor will win.

To see who they will pick, we start with the first challenge and trying to impress the mentors. There are 15 designers and only 12 of them will make the show! Tim splits the designers in half and it is time to find out what they can do. The first group goes and the remaining designers will go later with their challenge.

For the first group, they head to the workroom for the challenge. They each have a Mood bag on their table and have three yards of six different fabrics. They have six hours to create a look that represents them as a designer. The designers get started, but then the mentors are checking out the portfolios of each of the designers. They get to them check them out in the workroom and then on the runway to help pick their teams.

I think I am going to like Under the Gunn 2014, as we get to know the designers and their stories. Some are new to fashion and just graduated fashion school and some have their own lines and some took some time off for their families. There are so many new faces, so it is hard to figure out who is who right now. Blake Smith started out very confident and cocky about the fabrics, but now he has a blank canvas and everyone else is moving along ahead of him and he is worried!

Tim Gunn comes in and meets with the mentors to see how they are doing. These new mentors have to worry about the new designers trusting them, like everyone trusts Tim Gunn.

The mentors head in to the workroom to see how the designers are doing. It is not a critique, but to see how they work and where things stand right now. Brady Lange has the mentors worried with what he has going on, but they like his portfolio. He would love Mondo to be his mentor, which Mondo wants him on his team also.

Nick might want to work with Oscar, but Mondo thinks he might not work well with the timing. Melissa is doing all polka dots and not winning over the mentors. Anya likes Michelle and her work ethic. They think Camila is being safe wit her choice and not one of Anya’s first choices. They question why Blake never used any more of the fabrics besides the one. They are impressed with Shan and making the jacket in an hour. I think the mentors will be fighting over him on Under the Gunn 2014, but Shan is not a fan of Nick’s aesthetic. Natalia is going 1,000 miles per hour and she seems a hot mess. She is very frantic, which may hurt her with the mentors.

The mentors go back to their room and now that they see the designers work, they are knowing more and more about them and who they may want on their team.

We are down to two hours in the challenge and the designers are starting to freak out. Melissa worked in the Peace Corps, so she is used to the print and colors from Africa, which is what she designs. The mentors wanted some kind of surprise from Oscar and his dress, so he is adding gloves.

The models come in for their fittings on Under the Gunn 2014 and Blake has nothing done, but Oscar is feeling confident. Camila didn’t have the hem done when her model tried on the dress, but she liked the flapping and is going to keep that. Michelle has an arm done for her model, so she has a lot to do!

With one hour left, Natalia does some crafting technique for tops, but never a dress. She is going to try it out since she is running our of time! Speaking of which, Tim Gunn comes in and the time has run out for the night and they have the next day to finish their looks for the runway!

The next day arrives and the designers are in the workroom to finish up their looks. Natalia’s dress is very short, even though she tried not to make it slutty like the mentors said. She is not proud of her dress. Oscar is now adding a hat for more of a surprise. Blake thinks it is a hot mess and way too much for Oscar’s look. Brady decides to add a “BL” stitching to his top for his initials. He loves it, but it looks weird to me. The time runs out and everyone is headed to the runway!

Time for the runway show and the mentors to see the final looks from the designers on Under the Gunn 2014. Here we go:

  • Michelle – I don’t mind it and for having nothing done, she did well.
  • Brady – there is a lot going on and lots of prints, so not a fan.
  • Melissa – lots of polka dots, but just seems simple and no wow factor
  • Blake – it is a black dress with some straps.
  • Natalia – yeah, she made it very short! Not a bad dress, but way too short.
  • Shan – he did a jacket so quickly, but I am not a fan of it. He works well though.
  • Oscar – a gold dress and accessories that make her look like Lady Gaga.
  • Camila – nothing special here and apparently something she has done many times in her portfolio.

The mentors now have four slots to fill. They have another group of designers to look at. If they are not picked tonight, then they are eliminated! The mentors make their choices and if one designer is picked by more than one mentor than the designer gets to choose their mentor to work with!

  • All mentors want Michelle, but she goes Team Mondo
  • Nick and Anya both want Shan, but he goes Team Anya
  • All three mentors want Blake, but he goes Team Anya
  • Mondo and Nick want Camila, but she goes Team Mondo
  • Anya and Nick want Brady, but he goes Team Anya
  • Nick thinks Oscar is a wild card on Under the Gunn 2014, so he picks him and is the only mentor to choose him. Oscar joins Team Nick
  • They all pass on Melissa, so she is eliminated
  • It looked like the mentors were going to pass on Natalia, but she gives a great speech and wins over Nick and Mondo, who want her on their team now and she brings Tim Gunn to tears! She joins Team Nick!

The first night on Under the Gunn 2014 has come to an end and we have Team Mondo and Team Nick with two designers each and Team Anya has three designers. We have seven designers remaining to compete next week and five spots to fill!

What do you think of the Under the Gunn 2014 premiere tonight? I am loving it!

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  1. Love, love, love Tim Gunn. And of course Nick and Mondo too. Too bad this isn’t airing in Canada (at least that I can see). Hopefully it will as I would most def watch this show. Seriously, who doesn’t love Tim Gunn???

    • I love this show!!! It s just getting started and they are forming their teams, but it is different and fun. A twist on Project Runway and I am a fan…maybe they have the full episodes on Lifetime eventually?

      • For now Todd, at least I have your recaps to keep me up to date on what’s happening. I hope Lifetime will pick it up as well. As far as I can see they didn’t pick up any of the Project Runway All Stars either. I hate that it doesn’t air here and I’m not able to access it on line either. So keep me posted………..

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