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  • Sam

    Love, love, love Tim Gunn. And of course Nick and Mondo too. Too bad this isn’t airing in Canada (at least that I can see). Hopefully it will as I would most def watch this show. Seriously, who doesn’t love Tim Gunn???

    • I love this show!!! It s just getting started and they are forming their teams, but it is different and fun. A twist on Project Runway and I am a fan…maybe they have the full episodes on Lifetime eventually?

      • Sam

        For now Todd, at least I have your recaps to keep me up to date on what’s happening. I hope Lifetime will pick it up as well. As far as I can see they didn’t pick up any of the Project Runway All Stars either. I hate that it doesn’t air here and I’m not able to access it on line either. So keep me posted………..

        • Will do…I’ll have my recaps every week!!!

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