The Bachelor 2014 Spoilers: Clare Crawley Wins Season 18?

We may have only seen The Bachelor Juan Pablo go on a couple one-on-one dates and an intense group date on The Bachelor Season 18, but do we have a possible winner of The Bachelor 2014 emerging? Clare Crawley got the first one-on-one date from Juan Pablo this season and could she break the first date jinx and go on to win The Bachelor 2014? Time will tell, but The Bachelor host Chris Harrison has some words about the situation below in our The Bachelor 2014 spoilers!

Bachelor 2014 Spoilers - Clare

This week on The Bachelor Season 18, we saw Juan Pablo go on his first one-on-one date ever for both seasons he appeared. The Bachelorette Desiree Hartsock never took him on one, so he had to come back for his own season of one-on-one dates! For the first date, it was a winter wonderland for Juan Pablo and Clare, as they went sledding and ice skating and chilled in a hot tub in the snow!

Normally, the first woman to get a one-on-one date on The Bachelor 2014 is jinxed and never wins the season, but Chris Harrison thinks it could go differently for Clare according to his blog for Entertainment Weekly:

“Clare got the all-important, but often jinxed, first date. Whoever gets that first date often has a great time and gets a rose, but it’s tough because they then have to wait for quite some time to get more alone time and that can lead to doubt and drama. But on this night, Clare and Juan Pablo were happy as could be. As you saw on the special Sunday, our crew performed a miracle and turned a valley in the Malibu Hills into a winter wonderland…Clare also had a big smile on her face, as the date was in the snow but it was muy caliente. She easily got the rose and quickly became one of the frontrunners.”

Could Clare Crawley win The Bachelor 2014?

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