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  • I know Downton Abbey is an evening soap, but I have enjoyed it up until now. The episode when the author felt she should have a rape scene to prove there are vial people in the world, left me very disappointed in his judgement. And why, if you are going to have a rape taking place would the scene be cut several times to show the lovely aria from an opera that was so beautifully sung. I think the author and director are wrong to make us so uncomfortable and at the same time wanting to hear the aria uncut by brutalism. You went to far Mr. Fellows with your sensationalism. This has left a lasting dislike for your program. Once an author or director has made his audience want to leave the theater, he or she has failed as an artist. You may want to discount my remarks as one who does not understand the theater or the writing of a novel, but I can assure you as an actor, and author, I do.

    • Joy D’Angelo

      Hi Stuart, thanks for commenting. While I did find the rape scene disturbing, it also seemed like something that would have been a hazard of being a member of staff – Downton Abbey is a very cleansed version of that period of time.

      In film and television the intercutting of something beautiful occurring at the same time as something horrid is used to highlight the just how heinous that act is as well as showing two sides of a singular person, place or thing. One of more famous cinematic examples of this are the baptism murders in Francis Ford Coppola’s “The Godfather.” (It’s also an extremely violent and graphic scene – viewer discretion is advised: http://youtu.be/1CDlBLvc3YE ).

      In the case of the Downton Abbey rape scene, the beauty of the aria upstairs and the peacefulness of those upstairs hides the brutality occurring below. Both are aspects of the time period Downton Abbey represents. I didn’t expect Downton Abbey to go where it did, but I can’t fault how it was done or the historical appropriateness of what occurred.

  • Livus48

    This series is so so British upper class that nothing they say or do will come as a surprise. The writer Mr.Fellows really knows his stuff. The cast is superb, as is the crew,getting every little detail right.
    There has been several series like this in the past,and I know that they had a big audience,as indeed Downton Abby has.
    It will be exiting to follow the story further on.

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