Project Runway 2014 All Stars Recap: Finale – Season 3 Winner Is…

Everything has boiled down to this on Project Runway 2014 All Stars: the Project Runway All Stars Season 3 finale and the final runway show for these three remaining designers: Elena, Korto and Seth Aaron. One of them will win the biggest prize package in Project Runway history and two of them will walk away so close to that victory. Follow along with our Project Runway 2014 All Stars Recap and see who won Project Runway 2014 All Stars tonight!

Project Runway 2014 All Stars Spoilers - Finale

Last week on Project Runway All Stars 2014, the four remaining designers were put to the test of creating ready-to-wear looks that would retail for $400 for the Milly collection and designer Michelle Smith. This was an interesting challenge, as they had two days to work on the challenge and all of them had something about their look that I enjoyed. The judges put Christopher and Korto on the bottom two and then gave them one more challenge: take three of their previous looks from this season and mesh them into a brand new look and do that in one hour! They both created cute looks, but it was Korto that was safe and Christopher was eliminated!

See all the drama unfold tonight with us in our Live Recap below!


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Things kick off on the runway and Alyssa Milano greets the Final 3 and tell them about the final challenge: design a six-piece collection to showcase their talent. They have four days!!! Their inspiration for the collection will be their own heritage, so they will visit the headquarters of the United Nations and meet with the delegates from their respective countries. The final runway show will also take place there.

The designers meet their delegates and are all feeling very inspired with their heritage and what they can do with their collections. They do some sketching and then head out to Mood to get their fabrics, which they have an hour to shop. Seth Aaron is starting out with black and white and adding accents of red, yellow and gold. The shopping is done and they head back to the workroom to work on the collections on Project Runway All Stars 2014.

All the designers start out working on their first look for the runway show. Elena is looking at the time and ready to freak out….ugh. Seth Aaron thinks Elena never thought she would make it this far and is in over her head. It was a quick first day, as Day 1 is now over!

Day 2 has begun and the designers are back in the workroom looking on their collections. In comes Zanna Roberts Rassi for her critique. She is worried about time for Seth Aaron and where his collection is going to go since he only has two pieces done. She thinks Elena needs to get a lot done in a short amount of time. She tells Korto to be careful on the tailoring.

Before Zanna leaves, she tells them they all get some help. They will have assistants for 24 hours, which happen to be Christopher for Korto, Viktor for Elena and Jeffrey for Seth Aaron. They are all happy to get the help and it is much needed as Day 2 ends.

For Day 3, they are welcomed into the workroom by host Alyssa Milano. She has a twist for them and is standing in front of a wall of scarves. They will have to make a seventh piece for their collection and 50% of the garment has to be made of the scarves. Elena, like typical Elena, has a breakdown because she hates prints. She cries and Viktor slaps her around and he makes the dress for her and their assistants leave as Day 3 ends!

The last day of working has arrived on Project Runway 2014 All Stars and in come the models. Of course, the other designers have something bad to say about each other’s collections. They wrap things up and the night comes to an end….that was fast, huh?

We have arrived at the final runway day on Project Runway All Stars Season 3 and the designers get to the workroom to finish up their looks and get their models ready for the show! The models head out and we are now at the U.N. Headquarters for the runway show! Alyssa Milano greets the guests. The judges tonight are Alyssa Milano, Georgina Chapman, Isaac Mizrahi and guest judges tonight are Gayle King and Zac Posen. Here we go:

  • Elena – if you want a jacket, this is the collection for you. I just am not a fan of her collection, but it totally looks like Elena on the runway. The shapes are weird and it all looks so similar, so it blends well together I guess.
  • Seth Aaron – I am liking this collection from Serh Aaron. His use of the scarves into a look was done very well. He had a variety with his looks, but they actually go together very well and in just four days!
  • Korto – this was another collection that blended well together. If you want a dress, check out this collection. She did very well and the pants she did have were done well. This is crazy that it was done in four days only!

Now time for the judges on Project Runway 2014 All Stars get to comment on the collections! For Seth Aaron, Georgina said it was exciting seeing everything come down the runway. She does question the fishnet ensemble. Isaac said these textures are really wonderful. Zac said he was blown away by the draping. Alyssa loves how architectural they all are, but still feminine.

For Elena, Gayle was excited with the scarf twist and loved the brightness added to her collection. Alyssa said she spends so much time on the top part of her looks and wishes she would spend as much time on the bottom part. Zac said she knows who she is as a designer and knows who her customer is.

For Korto, Georgina said the first dress was a breath of fresh air. Gayle said yellow is her go-to color. Zac said she needs to watch her lengths and techniques. Alyssa said this collection makes her want to go to her country. Isaac said she is the most inventive designer of everyone. He said it made him feel like crying it was so beautiful!

The judges now discuss all of the collections and time to pick a winner. To me, it honestly looks like a competition between Seth Aaron and Korto. They all seemed to be high on both their collections and said Elena will do well in the business, but not meant to win this competition. I think Korto will win though since Seth Aaron has won before and they’ll mix it up? What do you think?

The designers are back on the runway and time to find out the winner of Project Runway All Stars 2014! Of course, Elena finishes in third place. Second place goes to Korto, which means that Seth Aaron is the winner of Project Runway All Stars Season 3! Our first two-time winner of Project Runway and another second place finish for Korto!

What do you think of the results on Project Runway 2014 All Stars tonight?

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  1. dillonroche says:

    the fix was in , but kuttoe couldn’t deliver . she is a shallow , unartistic copycat who has cried ” it’s not fair ” from day one . behind the scenes she has accused PR producers of not being sensitive to ethnocentric designers and minority women . that is why even the U.N. politicos got involved ( how dare the UN spend $$$ to ” sponsor ” PR , when that money should have been used for aide and food to distressed people , and not for ” fashions ” for third world women , and fat blag wimmen in the US . mormalulu was fed info to steer her to win . ( question , how did she know nina had a collection of white pantsuits in her office , and produced for nina a jacket with scallops reminiscent of janet and michaels leather jackets . she had at least two crimps in her seam at the crotch , but garcia loves a good butt kiss . and ignored that flaw . to echo the large show ” orange is the new black ” she sent out an orange “tutu ” which had no design value , and is traditionally rejected by PR judges as too ” pumpkin ” or ” halloweeney ” , but this monstrosity was deemed fabulous by ISuck massa razi who was really driven to have moomoo win and be a star on his qvc show all he sees are $$$$ signs . to say that kuttoes is the most ” inventive” of the designers , shows what a jive donkey he is . in addition , jeffery showed us that kutto had taken elements of isaacs design and fabric from his fall show . yet not a mumblin word from him . heidi , michael kors and nina would have ran her back to rwanda . and where does she get off wearing “I AM A NATIVE LIBERIAN ” TEE SHIRT ON 3 OCCASIONS !! what self respecting designer would do that on national TV ??? and , plus , none but ethnocentric and racially motivated viewers could really care where she came from . many of us saw morm alulu ‘s true colors when in her debut , she denied a fellow participant fabric that she had lost at mood . mormalu was obnoxious in denying the fabric , and led another black contestant to deny her the small amount of finish material she required . so much for the GOLDEN RULE !!! in the meantime , we heard mama kuttoe declare that she wanted to win to be a role model for her daughter , and other fat blag african women . people like her make me puke !!! at the end of last seasons runway show , the eventual winner DOM ( an african american woman ) appealed to eventual runner up alexandria ( a blonde y girl ) for material . alexandria not only provided the needed materials , but helped in a last minute installation with dom . also , one of the challenges referenced the theme ” native ” which fed right into mormalulu’s hands as she was quick to point out . had she been assigned eastern europe or spain , i am sure she would have fallen flat on her fat face . she was given 2 tries at allstars which was suspect because she never has won anything . i hope now we have seen the last of her fat derriere , heard the last of her dissing of fellow designers , in that whiny , complaining voice of hers . in my circle of fans we are celebrating her crash and burn .

  2. I will never watch project runway again.. Although Set Aaron had a good collection but Korto did a better job. She made clothes that all women can actually wear and her collection was much better and she has done a very good job throughout the show . I am done with project runway. I got so mad after watching the finale but I hope Korto stays confident because she is really talented.

  3. Congrats to the winner but Kato was my pick’.


  4. Seth all along clearly a master seamstress and clear statement. Go seth

  5. earline pollock says:

    I will never ever watch Project Runway again I here some people have EYES in the back of there head that’s were all you eyeswere I do believe you all have something against Korto I through it was HEIDI I see now you all don’t know nothing about REAL GOOD LOOKING CLOTHES Iwould never buy any of your designs I HOPE YOUR RATINGS GO TO THE BOTTOM All my friends and family will not be watching Project runway again I HOPE KORTO THE BEST IN ALL OF HER ENDEAVORS IF I WAS HER I WOULD NEVER BE ON YOUR SHOW AGAIN.

  6. In other words … Of course Seth Aaron won.

  7. A design competition is not about dumbing down for the masses. Great designers are originals. Their ideas are then stolen by lesser brands and reinterpreted for “dumb asses.”

  8. I am finished supporting project runway all stars. They never get it right.

  9. I think I am done watching all these so called “all stars” contests. It is not interesting any more. We know each and every one of the contestants already. Especially on project runway, where the motto is supposed to be “one day you are in, next day you are out.” They are supposed to be judged based on how he/she performs on a challenge, so it is not fair to hear judges said I know him/her, I know what he/she can do, this is not his/her best. Anyway, if any of the show’s producers is reading this, I would rather see a show with contestants who were eliminated first on each season. We don’t know them, lets give them a second chance and see what they can do.

  10. Korto got the shaft again! I wanted her to win the first time and this time. She designs for women and Seth designs for models. If Korto sells her designs somewhere, I will be the first in line to buy them.

    • Hmmmmm!!! I agree with you 100%. I think Korto received more than the “shaft”. According to the “Gorgeous” Georgina Chapman, “after the first dress, everything else was sloppy”. Since we are being candid here, I think that they should stop referring to her as the gorgeous; there are more stunning and gorgeous women out there… I should be referred to as such; but I am very confident in who I am and do not need such label. It seem that Ms. Chapman was out to get Korto… I thought that her line was very cohesive and can accommodate everyday and high fashioned women altogether. Sometimes I get the inclination that that these designers are intimidated by the up and coming designers and are just out to deflate their confidence to say the lease. As for Korto, she needs to maintain her confidence as a designer and she will shine regardless of their opinion. She really does not need their money to boost her ego…

  11. Seth is a stronger designer so he won. His was a professional cohesive collection. No fit issues, his work is fairly perfect. His style is strong and self evident. It may not be for everyone, but no one said to make the designs ready to wear with wide appeal. I love Korto and her designs, but there were a couple of fit issues and design issues, and her collection was not truly cohesive. I saw Seth as the clear winner and am having trouble with the idea of being a minority in that.

  12. Disappointing results. Seth won season 7 of project runway which he did deserve, however Korto’s collection was more ready to wear and appealed to a wider audience and consumer she should have won

    • I still can’t comprehend either of Seth’s wins…if his first collection was so appealing , he would not have needed this return to Project Runway and the ensuing publicity so badly…Korto was wrongly relegated to second place yet again. I wish her the best and an amazing career. Most women could and would wear most of her designs. Project Runway has lost a longtime fan…I have no desire to watch another season.

  13. How could they miss that Korto is the real winner?

  14. Seth may be a designer for the fashion world but his designs don’t play well in the real world.

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