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  • I know you are all Castle fans and love the show and love Stana, but there were many other winners overlooked and not given stage time. In two hours, you can only show so many of them. These are award shows and they have to keep them entertaining to keep people interested. If it was winner after winner after winner, than people would turn the channel. They also didn’t show the Favorite Dramatic TV Actor or give them stage time, so why no uproar for that? How they pick and choose which of the 59 winners are given stage time is beyond me, but enjoy the wins for your favorites!

    • Livus48

      What you say is that many other winner where overlooked …..That tells me that something is wrong with the whole set up. If this is the way they do it the show really should have been in to parts.Favorits aside,hovever you look at it,the winners should ALL be hounered equally ,and if that takes two parts,then so be it. As it is now,the people who choose, their favorites does’t really get what they bargend for..

    • Joy D’Angelo

      The issue is the inconsistency in the yearly presentation. I cover Stana, so that’s where I focused. However, how does an award show suddenly decide to not cover best dramatic TV actress and actor when they’ve done it for years? As one commenter stated the entire thing was badly done and set up as one long CBS commercial push for Two Broke Girls – and it wasn’t always done this way. It used to actually be a show for the fans. It’s gotten to be less and less that. In terms of Castle, PCA’s have ignored the show for 3 years straight. Maybe because Castle has won over NCIS and The Mentalist? PCA love Nathan (we all do!) but they’ve treated him like a separate entity from the show.

  • JLynn

    The People’s Choice Awards show should be ashamed with how Stana was treated. I was completely confused when she was on stage and was not sure she had won. It almost seemed like they pushed her out to introduce the singer but then told her she could say thank you if she moved quickly. If the show had cut out some of the other “entertainment” it would have had time to actually present awards and could have avoided the insult to Stana. She was very humble and graceful in making the best of a bad situation. As an aside, I hope someone was there with her. There was no obvious sign of the Castle cast which also seemed odd.

  • JessAnn

    Congrats to Stana and the show. She is truly the best actress on TV and it’s great to see her finally get the credit. It was a shame that CBS handled the show so poorly. Or maybe Nathan staged it this way cuz he didnt want Stana to get the limelight … jk jk but am disappointed in no support or congrats publicly from him …
    Oh well, important thing is the right actress won this year !!!

  • I also agree with your comments. The show look like it was missing alot of parts and there was too much busy stuff. However, you can’t blame only CBS, ABC doesn’t give Castle that much love either imo. It’s one of the best shows they have and they don’t promote them like other shows.

  • dodobird

    I’m actually not a fan of her acting style and think her character is a walking cliche, lol. Beckett annoyed me so much that I dropped the show last season. But from how you describe this ceremony, it seems totally disrespectful. Horrible organisation, probably felt like a slap in the face. Shame on you, PCA.

  • Becky Bird

    I totally agree with everything you said. I can only hope that the producers/execs of the show get word of the viewers’ discontent and try to remedy the situation. I urge anyone who was unhappy about this poorly executed production to write to the PCA organization and express their displeasure. Either expand the show, separate the categories and have separate shows, or just forget it!! I, personally want to see my faves get their just reward. If the “people” refuse to participate and don’t vote or boycott the voting, there will be no show. Each winner deserves their time in the spotlight —EQUALLY! It was a sham. The red carpet was a HUGE disappointment — the games and silliness were intolerable. I tuned in to see my faves be rewarded, and to see them on the red carpet– NOT to play games!!!

  • Castlefan6


    Thank You!! Only a handful of reviewers like yourself will have the courage to challenge such a charade that was put on last night. My wish for the PCA is that they are treated as the treat Castle and the cast next year when seeking sponsors, better hope CBS has enough winners to foot the bill or a 40 year old tradition will be history

  • Erica

    Good thing I was not the only one to be upset by this! Love this show and voted like 10000 times for Stana!

  • Grey

    As mentioned, the same thing happened last year and here’s part of the problem. The show is actually 3 plus hours long (just like most “life” awards shows) but for whatever reasons CBS only airs the last two hours of it. Last year (or was it the year before?) Castle’s win for best crime drama came in the hour that didn’t broadcast. It was presented just like all the other categories and the stars got to come on stage and say their “thank you” etc. but *we* just didn’t get to see it. The reason I know this is because some wonderful fan of the show who had access to the footage posted it on YouTube a few days later. So I’m hoping that happens again this year. Keep a look out for it.

    • Grey

      I meant to say “live” [awards shows] not “life” but I think you guys know what I meant.

  • Louise

    I was so very disappointed that we were not able to see Stana or the cast receive their awards. They work just as hard as the other actors and they don’t get recognized. It was the worst show I have ever watched. Not very organized.

  • Lynn

    It was great to see Stana win, she is a really fine actress and very deserving. I can’t help but think something must have happened , they didn’t even show the category etc . They have some explaining to do! In any event, the best actress won and good for Castle as best crime drama too. If CBS is going to be so unfair to their competition perhaps another station should carry the show! Certainly makes them look petty!

  • rockscissorspapershoe

    Congratulations to Stana and Castle! What’s wrong with you People’s Choice Award?! You stole our ( people’s) moment! We wanted to see Stana accept her award and Castle’s crew on stage. Why you discriminate them?

    • Livus48

      And again I agere with Teri androckscissorspapershoe. What they did to Stana and Castle is just hopeless.Of couse the whole cast should have been on the stage celebrating this happy event….It really makes me sad…

  • Teri

    Just crap the way they treated Stana and Castle. Stana is so deserving and I am sure she is just happy she won but CBS really dropped the ball on the whole awards set up. It was cheap.

  • Sam

    Yet another well deserved win. While it should surprise me that Castle basically gets overlooked after winning, it doesn’t. That seems to be the way with any of the shows I like. Regardless, we fans, the true fans, know what a great show Castle is and winning these awards justifies that. Stana, as always, looks beautiful. She is, hands down, one of the most stunning women on TV today.

  • Livus48

    Congratulation to Stana Katic and Castle for winning the PCA price.

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