The Bachelor 2014 Spoilers: Season 18 Winner Is?

Didn’t The Bachelor 2014 premiere just air this week, but we already have The Bachelor 2014 spoilers coming out saying who The Bachelor Season 18 winner is? The issues with “reality shows” is that they tape early and then need some editing done before they can actually be put on the air. Rumors and leaks happen all the time and it seems the big rumor currently going around (thanks to Reality Steve) is who won The Bachelor 2014. The speculation all swirls around Nikki Ferrell and how she will win The Bachelor Season 18, but does that mean an engagement for her and The Bachelor Juan Pablo?


We just saw Juan Pablo meet the 27 women competing for his heart on The Bachelor 2014, but Reality Steve is reporting that the winner of this season is Nikki Ferrell. The actual taping of the finale took place on November 12, 2013, and it seems that Juan Pablo picked Nikki to be the final girl, but he did not propose to her! Is it true? She was the first person to get some one-on-one time with Juan Pablo at the first cocktail party, so is it a sign?

Fans of the show had seen the couple in Kansas City, MO, during their hometown visit and thanks to the power of social media, images were tweeted out. It is kind of hard to hide a camera crew when taping shows like these, I guess. Do you think The Bachelor 2014 winner is Nikki Ferrell? Here is a picture of her to remind you of who she is:

Bachelor 2014 Spoilers - Nikki

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