The X Factor Season 3 Finale: Who Won The X Factor 2013!

Who won The X Factor 2013 Season 3 will finally be revealed at the end of a performance-filled, celebrity-driven two hour finale tonight. It is a battle between Carlito Olivero, Jeff Gutt and Alex & Sierrabut the The X Factor USA Season 3 winner is still up in the air as we prepare to hear Mario Lopez make the announcement tonight on The X Factor 2013 spoilers. The X Factor judges 2013 have put us in this position and now the votes have been counted and who will be victorious as The X Factor winner for Season 3? We’ll have the final votes for you as they are announced in our live The X Factor results show recap right here!

The X Factor USA 2013 - Finale Results

On The X Factor finale for Season 3 tonight, there are three remaining acts vying to win that recording contract: Jeff Gutt, Carlito Olivero and Alex & Sierra. According to most predictions out there on various fans sites and voting polls, it looks like Alex & Sierra may become The X Factor USA 2013 winner for Season 3.

All three acts have had their highs and lows during this competition, even though Jeff or Alex & Sierra have never been in the bottom two. Carlito has been there a couple times, but avoided elimination with the judges’ save. Despite that, all three were voted into The X Factor USA Season 3 finale and that should say something right there.

Speaking of that voting, you just never know which way America is going to go with things. Yes, it seems that Alex & Sierra are favored to win tonight on The X Factor 2013, but then you just never know. We thought Ellona Santiago would be here in the finale and she was voted of a couple weeks ago. We also thought that Restless Road would be in the finale, but they are gone too!

Let’s put the speculation behind us and jump right ahead to finding out who won The X Factor tonight, shall we? Our live The X Factor results show recap starts right here at 8PM ET. Join us as we bring you all the action live as it happens!



  1. Beth Phillips says:

    On the X Factor Finale tonight, Sierra & Alex won. Now, you know!!! the two of them sound like they both were sick. There is no way they should have won, NOOOO-WAYYYY! Those two always sounded like something was wrong, she sounded like she was scared to sing, like she was crying. Alex did sound a little better then Sierra. That was terrible. They should never have gotten that far. They should have been voted off early in the contest.

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