Who Got Eliminated On Project Runway 2013 All Stars Last Night? Week 4

The famous unconventional materials challenge took over Project Runway All Stars Season 3 last night, as the designers used materials from an elementary school to create their looks for the runway, so who got eliminated on Project Runway 2013 All Stars last night? Check out the details and the Week 4 results on Project Runway All Stars 2013 below in our Project Runway 2013 All Stars spoilers!

Project Runway 2013 All Stars Spoilers - Week 4 Results

Last night on Project Runway All Stars 2013, the designers boarded the school bus and headed out to an elementary school to meet host Alyssa Milano to find out about the next challenge. They would each be given a backpack and their arms to grab as much materials as they would need to create their unconventional looks. I mean, who couldn’t create a look from crayons and markers???

Many of the designers took on too much for this challenge and found themselves with unfinished looks as they went down the runway. Mychael had parts of his look falling off his model as she walked down the runway. Korto could not finish her look, so she started using clips to hold it together and tried to pull it off as part of the look, but the judges did not buy it!

Both were in the bottom, along with Jeffrey, who had a model showing off all her goodies as she walked down the runway. He defends his looks as well that I think he makes the judges feel uncomfortable in sending him home! No one went home though, as the judges decided that they had no reason to send any of those three designers home and it was a non-elimination night on Project Runway 2013 All Stars last night!

What do you think of the results?

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