Who Went Home On The X Factor 2013 Season 3 Last Night? Top 12

We had a jam-packed night of fun on The X Factor USA Season 3 last night, as the first results show of the season brought us a double elimination on The X Factor USA 2013, so who went home on The X Factor 2013 Season 3 last night? Check out who made the Top 10 on The X Factor Season 3 below in our The X Factor 2013 Season 3 spoilers!

The X Factor 2013 Season 3 Spoilers - Top 12 Results

Since it was a double elimination last night on The X Factor USA 2013, host Mario Lopez got down to business pretty quick, which is unusual for a results show. The results normally get drug out to the very end, but we had to send home two acts and one had to go right away! All 12 acts took the stage and we found out that Sweet Suspense received the lowest number of votes and they were eliminated from the competition! I was shocked, since all 12 acts took the stage and performed together and some of the big screams from the crowd came when Sweet Suspense sang!

Then to the second elimination and the next two lowest vote-getters were announced. It was Khaya Cohen and Rachel Potter and they would be singing for survival. They both sang their songs and it was up to the judges to decide who goes home and who stays. Khayan Cohen moves on to the Top 10 and Rachel Potter was eliminated!

What do you think of the results on The X Factor 2013 last night?

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  1. Since the American public has got to vote it is going all down hill as clearly the bottom two last night should of been nowhere near the bottom choice. If this continues the same trend as last two votes we will have Guys like Tim winning this year and if that is the case x factor will have ratings the same as American Idol soon and loose quite a few viewers. Judges should have a save in this voting as clearly their work is all for none when we have results like we did last nite and you might as well say good bye to a lot of your viewers.

    • X Factor would kill to get the ratings of American Idol last season. X Factor is under 4 million in viewers now and Idol was still pulling in over 10 million viewers in a bad season.

  2. Kahya was a much better singer. Simon never did like Rachel

    • True comments but neither one should of been their in the first place as can not see how Tim was not their instead as he should of been off on previous vote instead of Carlos

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