Duets 2012: Premiere Live Recap

The time has finally arrived…it is the premiere of Duets 2012! We get to take a look as Jennifer Nettles, John Legend, Kelly Clarkson and Robin Thicke go from judge to singing partner as they hit the stage with the team members.

Not only do the judges have to go cross-country on a search to find the singers they want to work with on Duets 2012, but they also will be getting up on the stage and performing with them in front of a live audience…how crazy!

The show gets kicked off with the four Superstars hitting the stage for their very own performance…singing “Let Me Entertain You.” A very upbeat start to the show and we’ve determined they can all sing and Robin Thicke is all about being sexy and shaking his booty…I’m not complaining!

We have a chance to meet our host, Quddus, as he sends the Superstars over to the Superstar Lounge and we take a look at the journey the Superstars took to get to this point…having two amateur singers on their team. Kelly Clarkson used her concert to scour the country to find her partner. Robin Thicke went back to his gospel roots to find his…Jennifer Nettles went across the country, but ended up finding someone in her backyard…John Legend was in search of finding someone with as smooth a voice as his. Not only is this a competition for the duet partners to win, but as shown, the Superstars are going to be competing against each other to win.

We first get a look at Jennifer Nettles and the journey she took to find her Duet 2012 partners, as she is on tour in Las Vegas. She is looking for someone that is diverse…that can sing more than one style…they have to be dynamic and have a chemistry with her.

We get a look at some auditions Jennifer has while in Vegas…the first one that sticks out to her is Brandon from Las Vegas. She brings him back to see how they sing together…trial duets. He comes back with his pregnant wife and 5-month-old baby…settle it down Brandon. He has a great voice, but is he amazing…not sure. Jennifer said she has more auditions in New York and is going to put this on ice for right now.

Now Jennifer Nettles heads to New York and gets to looks at some more singers…here is where she meets J Rome from Plainfield, NJ, and he steals her heart. He was raised by his mother, so he wants to do this for his mother. Did she choose Brandon or J Rome?

We all know who Jennifer Nettles chose, but she hits the stage with her first Duets 2012 partner, J Rome. They sing her hit, “Tonight.” This was done very well…J Rome has an amazing voice with a lot of soul and he has a very good stage presence. I enjoyed it. The three Superstars who didn’t perform will rank the singer based on 50 points for Performance and 50 points for Presentation. At the end of each performance, we will get to see where each of the singers rank. Kelly said soulful music rings clear in any genre of music…you all sounded so great. Robin said you are very handsome and sound great, so I don’t like you already…that’s how you kick off a season of Duets 2012. John Legend said he is a true artist. So, we look at the rankings…J Rome is clearly #1 since first one to sing.

Now we get to look at John Legend and his search for a Duets 2012 partner. He held the auditions right in the Duets 2012 studio…probably because he was added so late with exit of Lionel Richie. After hearing a few people, we get to meet Johnny Gray from Seattle, WA…he thought he had a lot of riffs going on, but he brought him back. John thought he was a little thin, but told him to just sing the melody and tone it down. Now John could hear his voice and he nailed it.

Time for John Legend and Johnny Gray to hit the stage…singing John’s hit song, “Ordinary People.” Besides being distracted by the beads of sweat on Johnny Gray’s forehead, he did a decent job. I think John Legend overshadowed him though. As a Superstar, you would expect that, Duets TV show is there to find that person they can blend with…I am not a fan. Quddus comes out and dabs his forehead with a napkin to wipe some of that sweat. Robin said you have the exact same connection and emotion as when John Legend sings it. Kelly said sometime it’s so great to seethat vulnerability in a man…it’s sexy. Jennifer said so super smooth and you were connecting with it…I loved it. The new standings…J Rome first and Johnny Gray is second. Quddus tells us a surprise…no one will get voted off tonight on Duets 2012, as the singers will have two weeks to prove themselves!

Now time to take a look at Robin Thicke and his search for his first Duet 2012 partner…he meets the singers at the Oceanway Studios in Los Angeles. He goes through some auditions and he decides to bring back Dante and Olivia to sing with and see which one he gels with better. He thought they both did well, but he decides to go with Olivia Chisholm from Charlotte, NC.

They hit the Duets 2012 stage singing Robin’s hit song, “Lost Without You.” Okay, so this performance was very sexual, as the song is. I think Olivia has an awesome voice and they sang together amazingly well. She has great tone in her voice and very good range and she is a beautiful girl. The Superstars lock in their scores. John said you sounded very sexy…you sounded like Aaliyah…I think you can get into it a little bit more. Jennifer said how authentic is your voice in this genre…amazing. Kelly said you sounded so sexy and so beautiful…if you owner it more, it would be even better. Another look at the rankings: J Rome, Johnny Gray and Olivia Chisholm.

Time to look at Kelly Clarkson and her search for her first Duets 2012 partner. Kelly is on tour, so she is trying to fit in auditions with her hectic schedule. She wants to find the perfect people because she is so competitive. While in San Diego, Kelly brings back Juliana from Astoria, NY, and Jason from Torrance, CA, to audition with her. Well, she surprises them both when she tells them they will join her onstage at her show that night to see how they do onstage with her…how crazy and nerve-racking!  They both did amazingly well…Jason Farol even started crying at the very end…I could imagine his emotions were going wild. It won Kelly over, as she chose Jason as her first Duets 2012 partner.

They hit the stage together…one more time, but this time the Duets 2012 stage. Kelly Clarkson and Jason Farol will be singing Kelly’s song, “Breaking Your Own Heart.” Well, let me just say…Jason is downright amazing. This boy can sing and Kelly made a wise choice in picking him…he is my favorite so far. Jennifer said when he opens and his voice opens up it lights up the room and that is what they want to see from him. Robin said you are adorable…your voice, your face…I love you. John said I love how much you love being here, so congratulations. A look at the standings: J Rome, Johnny Gray, Olivia Chisholm and Jason Farol….what?

Time for John Legend to pick his second Duets 2012 partner…after a look at a couple girls, he decides to pick Bridget Carrington from Richmond, VA. They hit the stage singing John’s hit song, “Tonight (Best You’ve Ever Had).” This was a great performance…she has big confidence on that stage. She has a great voice and they sang well together. Robin said when you look in John’s eyes, you have this chemistry…it works for you guys. Jennifer said such sophistication…a classy performance…you just owned that song. Kelly said that was hot and sexy…I thought you did great. So, the new standings: J Rome, Johnny Gray. Olivia Chisholm, Bridget Carrington and Jason Farol.

Jennifer Nettles heads home to for a 4-H Gala and while home, she takes in some auditions. After getting a look at some singers, we meet John Glosson, who happens to be from Jennifer’s hometown of Douglas, GA. He sings for her and she breaks down in tears…she is in love and chooses him for her second partner.

They take on Jennifer’s Grammy-winning song, “Stay.” So, for the first time tonight…I got goosebumps from a performance. This was amazing and I love this song. They sing excellent together and he has such a powerful voice…they blend well together…I am in love. Kelly broke down in tears…she said you are like an angel…so good. John said you have this crystal clear voice…you blended so well together. Robin said the fact you hold your own with a talent like that is a true testament to you. The new standings: J Rome, Johnny Gray, John Glosson, Olivia Chisholm, Bridget Carrington and Jason Farol.

Robin Thicke heads out and wants to find a gospel singer for his second Duets 2012 partner. He brings back a few girls, but decides to go with Alexis Foster. They will be singing “Magic” tonight. Now, I think Alexis has a very good voice, but there was something awkward with her onstage. She looked like she was struggling in those heels and just had a weird body language, which took away from her performance for me…but again, she has a great voice. Kelly said you seem so happy up there…your voice is so beautiful. John said you tone is so nice and so clear. Jennifer said I think it is fantastic and the crowd was into it. New standings: J Rome, Johnny Gray, Alexis Foster, John Glosson, Olivia Chisholm, Bridget Carrington and Jason Farol.

For Kelly Clarkson, she heads to Nashville and brings back two girls she wants to work with…Ashley and Jordan. They all head to a cafe and they each their chance to sing with Kelly in front of a crowd. Ashley is much more confident, but Kelly loves Jordan’s tone and saw past the nerves and chose her as her second Duets 2012 partner. Kelly Clarkson and Jordan Meredith hit the stage singing Kelly’s hit song, “Stronger (What Doesn’t Kill You).” So, I am in love with this song…this performance, was alright. I can see a lot of Kelly in Jordan…she did seem to have some nerves, but she has a weird tone to her voice and I enjoyed it. John said Kelly did a great job of finding someone that can mesh her tone…sometimes I couldn’t tell who was singing. Jennifer said there were times I was wondering who was singing harmony…that’s a testament to your voice. Robin said I like your smile, I like your hair…the whole stage is bubbling right now.

The final standings for tonight (remember, no one goes home tonight): J Rome, Johnny Gray, Alexis Foster, John Glosson, Olivia Chisholm, Bridget Carrington, Jordan Meredith and Jason Farol (both of Kelly Clarkson’s partners are the bottom two).

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